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If you prefer to speak with a staff member, please telephone us at: 800-295-9255.

All reservations can be made conveniently online and are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Because of very limited availability on Walking Connection adventures, your reservation is TENTATIVE until you receive a written confirmation of acceptance from the Walking Connection. Until you receive your confirmation, all payments are 100% refundable. UPON ACCEPTANCE, ALL RESERVATIONS WILL BE CONFIRMED VIA E-MAIL. Once your confirmation has been e-mailed, all payments become subject to the cancellation, penalty and refund policy of the individual trip you are signing up for. Please see the “Trip Details” for your trip. Also, along with your confirmation we will send you a notice of when subsequent payments are due. We request that all final payments for the trip be paid by personal or business check.

A $500 per person deposit is required to reserve your space.

TRIP CONFIRMATION: This reservation will be confirmed within FIVE business days of receipt of your reservation. Once confirmed, reservations are non-transferable. Please be sure your trip is reconfirmed prior to making airline reservations.

Complete the form below. We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover Card for your reservation deposit.

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Please read the Participant Release below. By clicking “Submit” you are placing your electronic signature indicating your acceptance of the terms of the release. 

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Participant Release and Consent to Engage in Potentially Dangerous Activity

By signing this Release, I, the undersigned Participant, acknowledge and agree to the following terms: Definitions: The following definitions will apply to this Release: “Walking Connection,” “,” or “Conquer The Canyon” means Taylor Marketing and Management, LLC., d.b.a., The Walking Connection. “Walking Connection and its Sponsors and Affiliates” means Taylor Marketing and Management, LLC., d.b.a., The Walking Connection and their affiliates, and all of their respective owners, members, officers, directors, employees, agents, volunteers, and representatives. “Walking Connection Adventure” means a walking and hiking trip to/at/in any destination anywhere in the world conducted by The Walking Connection, as more fully described in the information provided to me by the Walking Connection and any sponsor. “I”, “Me”, or “Participant” means me, the person signing this Release. “Release” means this Participant Release and Consent to Engage in Potentially Dangerous Activity.

WARNINGS: Participating in any Walking Connection Adventure involves potentially strenuous physical activity. You should consult with a doctor prior to engaging in the Adventure or any training in preparation for the Adventure. Exercise is only one part of being healthy, seeing your doctor is another. If, at any time during a training session (whether it is a group session, individual personal training session, self-training session, pre-event training, or other related team activities), you suffer any mishap or injury, we urge you to stop your activity immediately and seek professional medical attention. Any materials provided to you by the Walking Connection, its Sponsors and Affiliates is intended to provide general information about walking, hiking, safety while participating in the Adventure, and other events and tours. It is not intended, to act as a medical manual, or guide to self-treatment. Keep in mind that exercise, health and nutritional needs vary from person to person, depending on age, gender, family medical history, current health status, and other individual factors. Before engaging in these, or any other exercise, or recreational activities, we urge all individuals to consult a qualified health professional. He or she is best qualified to advise you about your specific health status, needs and ability to participate in any physical activity.

I am aware that participating in the Adventure includes participating in activities that have certain inherent risks. These activities include, but are not limited to: walking, trekking, hiking, boating, and animal viewing. Some of these activities may occur in remote and wilderness areas. I am further aware that, should I incur any illness or injury during the Adventure, access to emergency personnel, doctors, and hospitals or other treatment facilities may be limited, and that there may be long delays and difficult and potentially painful travel to get to a hospital or other treatment facility. These delays and travel conditions may cause any illness or injury to become worse during such delay and due to such travel required to reach needed professional help. WHILE UNLIKELY, THE RISKS INVOLVED IN PARTICIPATING IN THE ADVENTURE INCLUDE THE RISK OF DEATH OR SERIOUS BODILY INJURY. Representations: I acknowledge that: Walking Connection and its Sponsors and Affiliates would not allow me to participate in the Adventure unless I agree to the terms of this Release. I desire to participate in the Adventure. I am agreeing to participate in the Adventure as a free and voluntary act. I recognize that participating in the Adventure has certain inherent risks. I have been advised of the Warnings listed above. Assumption of Risk and Release: As part of the consideration for participating in the Adventure and any related activity: I ASSUME ALL OF THE RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH PARTICIPATING IN A WALKING CONNECTION ADVENTURE. I release and discharge Walking Connection and its Sponsors and Affiliates from any and all claims which I have or may have in the future against Walking Connection and its Sponsors and Affiliates arising out of or in any way related to my participation in the Adventure. Without limiting the foregoing, this release includes a release of all claims I may have for wrongful death, injury or property damage. This release will be binding on all of my heirs, successors and assigns. Right to Use Name and Likeness: I further grant Walking Connection and its Sponsors and Affiliates the right to use my name, voice, likeness, and image, including photograph and electronic pictures or video showing or describing my participation in the Adventure, in any advertising of any type, without payment of any additional consideration. I further waive any right I may have to review or approve the use of my name, voice, likeness or image. I execute this Hiker Release and Consent to Engage in Potentially Dangerous Activity on the date set forth below.

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