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Going Places Adventure Travel News will keep you up to date on the latest Walking Connection adventures travels and connect you to amazing destinations around the world. Our greatest adventures are explored by foot at pedestrian speed with camera in hand to collect stories to tell.

Meet and read about people, see how they live and make your plans to visit them with the Walking Connection.


Enjoy access to information on great adventure vacation destinations, special industry trends, and helpful tips to get the most from your active lifestyle while you travel.


Walk Talk - Get Physically Ready For Your Active Adventure.
Walk Talk is dedicated to walking, hiking, health and active lifestyles. The Walking Connection is a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to leading healthy, active lives. Enjoy access to hundreds of ideas, tons of information and helpful tips on you can live a happier and healthier active lifestyle. Learn how to get the most from your walk where you live, so you can get the most from your active adventure vacation.

Past Walking Connection Geographic Adventure Newsletters

We Know Africa

Nowhere stirs up excitement in the same way as going on safari. But planning can be a baffling and time-consuming process! When should you travel? Which destination should you choose? We KNOW!

Searching for Authentic Encounters  

It is more about the real life encounters along the way -- the people I meet that open my eyes to their world. Other times it may be the natural world that speaks to me, like in the silent moment when day becomes night.

Twelve Days a Pilgrim - The Camino

Passing through a village or on a country road, blue and yellow Camino markers pointed the way like a beacon in the fog. Knowing we weren't the first nor the last, they nudged us forward drawn by something bigger than yourself. 


This Walk Is For You

This is not about's about YOU.  It's simple and it's easy. You can do it...I know you can. The best thing about it is that it will take only 10 minutes. Everybody can find 10 minutes...

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