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We love our guests! For more than 30 years Walking Connection has had the pleasure of taking our guests to countries across the globe leading them on walking, hiking and active travel adventures.  Our desire is to always provide our guests with a meaningful and inspiring journey, connecting them to wonderous places, amazing people and authentic experiences.

Our aspirations have lead to lifelong friendships and a high guest repeat rate over 90%.  Some Walking Connection guests have been on 30 different adventures... Wow, that is a lot of miles!

If adventure is in your soul, let us put it on your sole! Some of the nicest people on Earth travel with us and we, along with each of them invite you to Come Walk With Us.

Here’s the latest BUZZ from our guests:

At the heart of our travel is our belief that the most profound

travel experiences are born in the relationships we create with the people we meet along the way...


Africa, Europe, and Asia:


“I don’t know how you can do Africa in the style we did it. Dollar for dollar this is the not only the most exciting trip we have ever taken, it is the best value too! Thanks for the wonderful experience.”  ~ Mary Palenica

“Just want to let you know how much I enjoyed the trip to San Juan Islands. It was great. You helped me enjoy things I’d never venture on my own.”  ~ Rita Paddock

“The trip to China with the Walking Connection® was absolutely the best tour we have ever encountered. We were able to see and do many things which would be impossible on a normal tour.”  ~ Mike & Ruth Capen

“China is the most exciting country in the world and must be seen with the Walking Connection.”  ~ Joe & Denise Kasile

“Thank you for a wonderful time in Puerto Rico! I had a blast. It was more than I expected.  ~ Karen Harter

“China was abosolutely fabulous for me! I wouldn’t have missed it. Thank you for the marveloous experience. Thanks to your web site for helping me find you.”  ~ Karen Leng

“Thank you for a superior time in Vancouver and Victoria, BC Canada. You always put together the best!”  ~ Judy Dare

“I carry 7 pictures from our African Walking Safari with me where ever I go. People are amazed. I’m telling people about the only way to travel — with the Walking Connection.”  ~ Chyrell Krier

“Just a little note about our feelings upon our return from the Christmas Trip in Santa Fe. Your careful choice of places to visit, hotels to stay, restaurant, walks, etc. Outstanding! Thank you for a lovely adventure.  ~ Diva and Harlow Whiting

“The trip to China was an emotional and educational journey for me. Thank you.”  ~ Mickey Hahnenkratt

“Your Walking Safari to Kenya and Tanzania changed my life! Thank you!”  ~ Judy Dare

“Had a wonderful time on the trip to mainland China in 1998. I’m very glad I went and I will always have good and wonderful memories.”  ~ Harriett Wright

“Our tour to China was a truly enlightening, delightful adventure with a grand group of Walking Connection friends.”  ~ Jan Jared

“You have made this a super sojourn! It has been one of the highlights of my life. Every day in China was an enjoyable time.” 

~ Rick Kerr

“What a wonderful trip with the Walking Connection. A most memorable, inspirational, warm, friendly, educational motivational and lasting experience.”  ~ Suzanne Nystrom, CMH

“China was such a special Walking Connection trip. Certainly the best emotional, physical and spiritual experience. I just can’t wait until our next walk.  ~ Judy Dare

“Thanks for making the trip to China such a wonderful experience. It was a trip I’ll always remember.”  ~ Susan Lehr


North America - US and Canada


“Words cannot describe how amazing this adventure was!!! I will never forget the great people I met, my awesome guide Frank and how truly wonderful this Grand Canyon experience was! Thanks to CDA and the Walking connection for making this a once in a lifetime experience!!!! WOW!! THANKS!!!”  ~ Elizabeth McKinnon

“I love telling supporters the story of how we did in the Grand Canyon and more than a week later–I still feel exhilarated. I am very appreciative of how wonderful the group was at keeping a pace I could cope with after my little tumble. Frank—you are awesome and definately made our adventure a much better one. And to the “Chicks with Sticks” What are we conquering next?”
~ Christa Big Canoe

“What an awesome experience!! We had a wonderful time at Grand Canyon! it was definitely something we won’t forget! =)
~ Esther Lai Danupatampa

“I will remember this trip to Grand Canyon like it was yesterday, for the rest of my life!”  ~ Marj Meiers

“After my wonderful heli-hiking experience with Walking Connection, my grandchildren were jumping up and down to see if GGG was tattooed on the back of my neck (as seen in Hoodwinked, a grandma who liked to “live life to the extreme” and fight evil).”  ~ Anne Livingston

“Heli hiking was one of two of my most “favorite ever” vacations. Both were with Gene and Jo Ann."  ~ Chyrell Krier

“Some of my fondest memories are those of heli-hiking in the Adamants and the Bugaboos with Walking Connection! Great times, great food and accommodations. Can’t beat the scenery or the adventures! Friendships formed for life! Thank you Gene and Jo Ann for introducing me to such shared good times!”  ~ Marcie Southerland

“Gene and Jo Ann have introduced me to beautiful places, many memorable experiences and long, long lasting friendships. Loved heli-hiking so much! Would do it every year if I could.”  ~ Carole Becker

 “Heli-hiking was one of the MOST amazing adventures ever – so blessed to have experienced it with Karen Leffler, thanks to Gene Taylor and JoAnn Taylor!”  ~ Marijane Relth

 “I agree Marijane Relth!!! Unlike any other adventure!”  ~ Karen Leffler

“Two of my memorable outdoor life experiences were heli-hiking with The Walking Connection traveling companions!”  

~ Jim Suddath

“I enjoyed the heli-hiking holiday from beginning to end. Thank you both for putting together a most wonderful summer trip.”

~ Mickey Hahnenkratt

“The most wonderful adventure in my 75 years is to be in the Bugaboos with Gene and JoAnn Taylor.”  ~ John Carroll

“The Bugaboos has been an experience I’ll treasure always. You find unique trips for those of us who love such things. I’m looking forward to the next one."  ~ Janet Jared

“Words cannot describe the beauty and awesomeness of the Bugaboos! You must experience this!!! Thank you Gene and JoAnn for this opportunity.”  ~ Miche McEntire

“I have spread the word about how much I enjoyed traveling to Vancouver and Victoria BC with you. Everything was perfect!”
~ Helen Reeder

“Well, Gene and JoAnn, you’ve done it again. The Christmas Spirit trip to Sundance was wonderful.”  ~ Susan Lehr (Got married on the trip!)

“Thank you for all your hard work to make the San Francisco Walking Weekend a most memorable time. The hotel could not have been any better. I’m telling everyone I know about the Walking Connection."  ~ Benjamin Kendall

“I thought about the trip all the way home! Vancouver and Victoria, BC was one of the most enjoyable trips I have ever taken. Your arrangements were so careful and thorough – nothing left to chance. The places we walked to and the sights we saw were awesome. I am certainly glad I found you on the Internet.”  ~ Judy Tolbert

“WOW! I had a fantastic time on my first Walking Connection Christmas Spirit trip. You are absolutely right–where we are going in not as important as long as I am with my Walking Connection family. It was all AWESOME! I can’t wait for the Millennium trip to Moloka’i!”  ~ Donna Aversa

“I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the San Francisco Walking Weekend. It was great seeing a lot of the people I’ve come to know from other trips. I had a wonderful time. Lets do it again.”  ~ Susan Lehr

“Thanks for the wonderful weekend in San Francisco. I think I have discovered a new Labor Day tradition. One of the things that meant a lot to me on the trip was the nice balance between your activities and private time. I’m greatly looking forward to traveling with you again.”  ~ Betsy Adams

“Just want to tell you again how much I enjoyed the San Juan Island/Seattle trip. I’m looking forward to the San Francisco weekend and the Christmas Spirit tour to Monterrey.” This will be my 4th Christmas tour."  ~ Betty Smith

“San Antonio Christmas Trip — who could forget such a wonderful weekend? Thank you so much!"  ~ Mary Allen

“As we have come to expect, we had a great time with the Canadian Mountain Walking and Heli-Hiking Holiday you put together. Good Food! Good Hiking! Good Company!”  ~ Max & Mary Palenica

“Hi. This is room 611 calling to say I’m having a terrific time and I don’t want to leave Orcas Island tomorrow. But I still have tomorrow to enjoy and the rest of my life to remember the trip. Thank you.”  ~ Carol Becker


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