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Journey 30

A FREE Self-Paced
30-Day Walk Training Journey!
The path begins at your doorstep! 

The Handshake is Virtual, Your Journey is REAL!

This is a simple downloadable, printable 30-day program
that fits on your phone.

Journey 30 is a 30-day Walk Training program that can help get or keep you moving, connect you to friends from around the globe, and ultimately, make you feel better!
Why 30 Days? Because it's a bite-sized chunk of time you can manage. And since it takes about thirty days or so to establish a new routine, this is a great way to get moving or keep going. There is no long term commitment of time or cash.
Moreover, whether you are a seasoned home office pro or new and adjusting to a new routine, a little added structure and sense of accomplishment doing something for yourself may help you gain perspective and add clarity to each day. String 30 consecutive days together, and you'll have a foundation that will help keep fitness a part of your daily lifestyle. 

Tomorrow can be your first step on a fantastic journey with The Walking Connection.

Journey 30 is FREE!

Journey 30

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