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Taking an unexpected turn. "Zigging" when mainstream tourists "Zag." Walking up and over a hill to experience the unique rather than going around the base to simply check an item off of a bucket list because it is fast or easy. The Walking Connection offers private, independent and small group journeys to exciting destinations in a style that has been defined by its creators, Gene and Jo Ann Taylor. 

Walking Connection guests crave new doors to open and adventure travel opportunities to explore. They are driven to make a genuine connection between themselves, the people they meet along the way and the time they share with each other. They approach each with the intention of provoking moments of clarity, empathy, and understanding. They seek to organically absorb an authentic cultural experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  

Who Travels With Us...

Our guests come from all walks of life.

They are acquaintances who like to engage with and travel in small groups of like-minded walkers and hikers.  


They are a collection of people who enjoy the company and camaraderie of both lifelong and new-found friends. 


They are curious and creative, physically active, love to learn and laugh. They appreciate a higher level of service, finer accommodations, excellent cuisine and special locally sourced beverages.


They cherish their time walking, hiking and seeing the world the way it was meant to be seen, with The Walking Connection, one step at a time!


How we see the world matters.  How the world sees us    matters. We are on a shared journey.               ~Gene Taylor~                            

 "Garry and I are so lucky that we got to go to Africa with JoAnn and Gene TWICE (Tanzania 2015 and Kenya 2006). If you haven't been to Africa, go...and go with them!"   ~M. Clay~ 

About Our Trips

Travel Your Way...


We move in small groups, usually no more than 8-12 guests...


Solo and independent travelers are the fastest growing part of our business...  

Give Serendipidy A Chance!

We cherish these moments and actively seek them out. We invest in experiences, instead of more stuff.

There is something for everyone.


Our Small Group, Independent and Private Adventures are geared to accommodate walkers and hikers of most interests and abilities. We enable you to comfortably set your own walking pace.


ADDED Bonus! We believe that being in good physical condition will significantly enhance your adventure experience.

Your Walking Connection Training Guide is a real person who will help you every step of the way.

Questions We Get Asked, A Lot...

Who travels with the Walking Connection?


They are like-minded people with a positive outlook on life. Many are between the ages of 45 – 75, but all other ages are well represented. You will meet individual travelers, traveling pairs, and couples with diverse backgrounds who share a common love for seeing and experiencing the world, its cultures and people close up. Based upon past experience, over 90%+ of people who travel with Walking Connection — do so again!

Our Guests Love Us...

“Hi. This is room 611 calling to say I’m having a terrific time and I don’t want to leave Orcas Island tomorrow. But I still have tomorrow to enjoy and the rest of my life to remember the trip. Thank you.”  ~ Carol B.

“I carry my pictures from our African Walking Safari on my phone with me where ever I go. People are amazed. I’m telling people about the only way to travel — with the Walking Connection.”  ~ Chyrell K.



Explore the dramatically varied landscapes of northern Spain. As you switch between the more famous Camino Frances and the more dramatic and lesser-known Camino del Norte, the contrast between the dry central plateau and the lush green pastures of the Cantabrian coast is remarkable.

A Walking Adventure

Will Take You Farther Than You Thought Possible!


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