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Bobbie Burns Lodge

Heli-Hiking The Purcell Mountains

Bobbie Burns Lodge, BC, Canada

Trip Dates: July 23 - 27, 2024
Length of Trip: 5 days / 4 nights

Hosted By Walking Connection Owner, Gene Taylor


from *$4398 USD PER PERSON, double occupancy.

$1000 A Person Deposit Is Required to Reserve Space

Price determined by which itinerary you choose, *does not include GST and Provincial taxes.
(Optional 4 day/3 night, heli-hike on
ly also available from *$3998 USD, see details)


We didn't create heli-hiking; but we helped perfect it!


With over 29 Years of Heli-hiking experience, The Walking Connection is a big part of that success!

Working hand-in-hand in the early days, we contributed to the Canadian Mountain Holidays adventure experience by providing pre-adventure physical training programs and itinerary development, and most of all, we have been leading hundreds of our guests on this incredible journey since 1994! 


The Walking Connection delivers incredible mountain adventures and exceptional alpine hospitality. Regardless of whether you opt to venture to the Cariboos, Bugaboos, or Bobbie Burns with one of our organized groups or independently, you'll be treated to delectable gourmet meals, awe-inspiring daily heli-access excursions, cozy lodgings, all the necessary equipment, and much more. 


1/5 How it Works

Our Heli-accessed hikes are the ultimate high-country adventure.

Heli-hiking is more than just a trek through the mountains; it's a journey of discovery and exploration. Your guide will lead you along rugged ridgelines, through tranquil alpine meadows, and to breathtaking viewpoints that will leave you speechless.

Our adventures are tailored to match the group dynamic. From exploring dramatic glaciers to navigating open terrain framed by vibrant wildflowers, the experience of heli-hiking is defined by wonder, education, and awe at every turn.


Embark on an unforgettable Heli-hiking adventure with the Walking Connection. Every step leads to new discoveries and breathtaking views.

2009_01_0001 228.jpg

What's Included?


We'll help you get ready. Walking Connection Adventure Specialists will help you plan and prepare for a fantastic journey. We can make pre and post-stays in Banff and Calgary, help with ground transportation, and we'll even help with a Free 30-Day Physical Training program, Journey30 to help you maximize your mountain experience.

A double occupancy room in the hotel-style Bobbie Burns Lodge for your stay, featuring a full range of inviting onsite amenities. 


Food & Beverage
Three meals per day – a chef-prepared breakfast and dinner, plus packed lunches, après-hiking snacks, and non-premium non-alcoholic refreshments. 


Heli-Assisted Guided Adventure
Professionally accredited guides will accompany you on your adventure, featuring heli flights up and down the mountains and return flights to your lodge. 


Ground Transportation: Itinerary A - From Calgary International Airport to Banff via airport shuttle, Banff to the Bobbie
Burns’ helipad, and return to Banff or Calgary International Airport. Itinerary B: by own arrangement to Banff or helipad

Use of CMH hiking equipment, including boots, rain jackets, wind pants, day packs, and hiking poles. Some of our guests opt to use their own equipment – the choice is yours. 

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There Is Something For Everyone!
The Choice is Yours...

Spend a full day of hiking but at a more relaxed pace. Experience simpler but stunning terrain with minor amounts of elevation gain and loss. Longer breaks along the way allow for plenty of photo opportunities.
Pace: Slow with regular breaks. | Terrain: Easy and moderate. | Distance: Moderate horizontal distance. | Elevation: Minimal gain and loss. 


Challenge seekers will love the full days and varied terrain. Maintain a steady, moderate hiking pace over reasonable distances that are similar to the exercise they do multiple times per week. Navigate terrain with some elevation gain and loss, and stop for regular breaks along the way. Pace: Moderate with regular breaks. | Terrain: Varied terrain. | Distance: Moderate horizontal distance. | Elevation: Moderate gain and loss. 


Adventurers enjoy strenuous, fast-paced activities. If you are already very active and physically fit and want to hike for full days, covering a lot of ground, this group is for you. You’ll typically navigate more challenging terrain with lots of elevation gain and loss, stopping for shorter breaks along the way.
Pace: Fast pace with short breaks. | Terrain: Varied terrain. | Distance: Long horizontal distance. | Elevation: High gain and loss. 

Heli-hiking FAQ's

Reserve Your Space


Here is a printable document [pdf] with details you will want as you make your reservations.

Please read it carefully and do not hesitate to contact us if you need clarification on anything.


Step One

Download the printable Trip Details Page and read it carefully. Here is what it covers: 


  • Dates.

  • Prices.

  • Itinerary.

  • Inclusions & Exclusions.

  • Payments & Cancellation Policies.

  • Additional Trip Details and Logistics.

  • Information on Travel Insurance.

  • Walking Connection Contact Information


Step Two

Complete Initial Reservation Deposit

We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, & Discover


Once you complete your payment, you will be auto-redirected to the Trip Registration Form. 


This page also contains important information regarding:

  • Passport (Scan of your signature and picture page).

A picture from your phone will do.

  • Liability Statement & Release

  • Travel Insurance.

  • Walking Connection Contact Information.

Complete and submit the Trip Registration Form. That's it. You're all set.



Our Heli-hiking Story - 29 Years 

2009_01_0001 235.jpg

We wrote this short story in 1994 to introduce our newest heli-hiking adventure at the time and invite clients to join us in celebration of our company's 10th year anniversary. The story we told then is the same story we told last year when we went heli-hiking 29 years later. It could be the same story we tell again this year. The only difference is YOU! 

"The helicopter has just landed. You and ten others slowly exit the helicopter and huddle on the ground near the skid. Your hat in hand shields your face from swirling downdraft. The helicopter lifts off, and with it, the wind is suddenly gone.  You slowly straighten up.  Standing on a mountain at 8,000 feet, the twisting stream in the green valley is a mile down.  Across the valley, a glacier made of ice 1,000 years old clings near the top of a jagged mountain.  Beyond it, rows of mountain peaks touching the heavens fade to the horizon."


Welcome to the top of the world!


"This is an invitation to try something different.  Join us as we take you off the beaten path, exploring the mountains as they really are: majestic, unspoiled, and breathtaking.  With a helicopter, we will have access to everything the mountains offer, from the peaks to glaciers and beautiful flowered meadows. We will walk above the tree line across spectacular high mountain ridges where the peaks poke into the endless sky.


For you, this is truly a stress-free vacation. Our hikes are suited to you. Your pace, your distance, your interests, and your lifestyle. Challenge yourself, or just chill!  You relax, and we handle the details -- even down to the hiking equipment you will need from head to toe. "There is no other feeling like being placed on a mountaintop with only ten other guests and a 360-degree view that will leave an impression on your mind, body, and spirit -- for the rest of your life!"


Celebrate the Journey! 

That first heli-hiking experience at the Bugaboos was our first real entry into the Adventure Travel space. It taught us that we had a lot to learn, but also helped gain a better understanding and more clarity on what would become our careers and life mission! By the second or third trip, Gene made a comment that CMH and The Walking Connection would quote for years to come..."If you are only able to go on one more vacation, this should be it! So for the next 27+ years, that's exactly what we did. 

Gene & Jo Ann Taylor

Co-founders, CEO & President 


#genesjourney #iwalkeveryday #walkingconnection 


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