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It's NOT just the place. It's about YOU in open spaces challenging yourself to do more in a place that is NEW to you. 

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Christine Reed, Adventurer, Author

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What is adventure travel?

Adventure Travel is for those inclined or willing to engage in adventures; defined as exciting or very unusual experiences. To be adventurous. Adventure Travel is participatory. It's the act of engaging in the activities of a travel experience rather than viewing it as a spectator. The true definition of Adventure Travel can be found between the beholder's eyes, mind, and heart. What is adventurous to YOU?  We know the way!      Your adventure can begin with our newsletter, Going Places.


Walking Connection

Privately hosted and locally guided small group tours of 6-10 people are the hallmark of the Walking Connection's outdoor adventure travel and walking tour program. Our unique adventure itineraries embrace walking simply because it is the best way to meet people and experience places.  From African safari vacations, to an overseas adventure tour of Spain's Camino de Santiago;  from a European hiking vacation in Portugal or a trail on Tanzania's  Mt. Kilimanjaro, we provide you with the information and services that allows you to travel safely and be truly free.
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It's Time For A Meaningful Travel Adventure.

Choose a scripted and professionally guided itinerary, or
explore at a relaxed pace with the independence of a self-guided adventure. Even better, do a combination of both. We have carefully cultivated itineraries in Spain or Portugal where you are welcomed as an old friend rather than a tourist just passing through.
If your heart is set on a solo adventure or traveling with a small group of friends or family, join us on a private yacht in the Galapagos Islands or a life-changing cultural and wildlife experience on the African Continent.  
Your successful journey begins with Walking Connection Adventure Travel where you are treated as a lifelong guest from the moment we meet. Since 1989 our success is measured by Our 96% guest repeat rate.

Call or email us to learn more about what it is like to travel with us.

Where Do You Want
To Go in 2022?

...Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - Two Trails.
...Walk The Camino de Santiago, Spain - New Trails.
...Walk The Hoo Doos of Bryce Canyon - USA. 
...Explore The Galapagos Islands in Luxury.
...Walk through history in Croatia. NEW 
...MORE in 2022...

Safari in Tanzania or South Africa...
Gorilla Trek in Uganda...NEW
A Baja, Mexico Adventure... 

Granite Mountain, Prescott, AZ  USA

Guided African Safari - Serengeti - 2021

African Safari Serengeti Glendale AZ
TEN DAYS IN 2021.                           From Oct. 27 to Nov. 5
That's how long we'll be on Safari on the Serengeti. You're invited! 
Travel in the
signature adventure style created by your trip hosts,
Walking Connection owners Gene and Jo Ann Taylor.

Experience the power of nature, firsthand. 
It will capture your soul in a way that your heart will never forget.
> > > 

Guided Spain - Northern Camino - 2022

ELEVEN DAYS IN 2022                                      
That's how many days we'll journey through Northern Spain together.

  Our custom itinerary is created in the adventure style of Walking Connection Owner, Jo Ann Taylor, who is also your host on this amazing journey.  You'll learn more about yourself (and Spain) than you ever thought possible> > > 
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Journey 30


Helping you physically prepare for your adventure vacation before you even leave home.


Journey 30 is a short and effective 30-Day walking and hiking program that will help you get the most out of your active adventure.


Your Walking Connection Adventure begins NOW!


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Mt Kilimanjaro Expeditions Glendale AZ
Mount Kilimanjaro Trek Glendale AZ
Fine Art Prints, Canvas and MORE! 
Featuring Images from Gene's Taylor & a NEW artist,
Moodie's Shots - African Safari Guide.