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Ways To Travel

Ways To Adventure Travel 
with The Walking Connection

Join The Walking Connection and step into a meticulously planned adventure crafted by the visionary Jo Ann Taylor.


Our commitment lies in selecting just the right accommodations, meals, guides, and transport services from local businesses that epitomize excellence. Jo Ann's discerning eye ensures our partners maintain the highest standards, holding them accountable for every detail of your experience. From the moment you begin your journey, we are there, keeping a vigilant watch, maintaining meticulous records, and offering unwavering support to navigate any unforeseen challenges.

So, what does this mean for you?

It means an added layer of security, comfort, and confidence enveloping your journey. With The Walking Connection, booking isn't merely securing a trip; it's entrusting your dreams to a network that shares your aspirations. Rest assured, we stand by our promise, ready to ensure your adventure exceeds expectations every step of the way. We've got your back, so let's embark on this unforgettable journey together!

Choose a Mode of Travel That Matches Your Lifestyle!

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small gathering

Small Gatherings Highlights


  • 6-12 people.

  • Planned Interactive Itinerary

  • Transportation

  • Most Meals

  • Accommodations

  • Local Professional Interpretive Guides

  • Walking Connection Hosted

Step into our intimate gatherings at The Walking Connection, where the magic of exploration unfolds with a select group of 6 - 12 guests. Whether you arrive as friends, family, or a solo adventurer, you'll find a warm community awaiting you on our carefully chosen departure dates. Dive into our 2024, 25 & 26 lineup to discover the latest additions to our planned departures - Or lets create one together.

With just the right number of fellow travelers, every step becomes a shared journey of discovery, complemented by lively conversations, favorite drinks, and memorable dinners under the stars. Our small group setting allows for flexible schedules and personalized experiences tailored to accommodate diverse walking paces and interests. Led by your knowledgeable Walking Connection host and local guides, each day unfolds with curated adventures and hidden gems waiting to be uncovered.


With over three decades of expertise, we've mastered the art of crafting unforgettable experiences, blending must-see highlights with serendipitous discoveries. Whether you choose to explore together or embark on your own adventure, rest assured, our team of seasoned professionals has every detail covered, so you can savor the freedom of the open road. Welcome to a world of boundless exploration with The Walking Connection.


Signature Adventures,
Jo Ann Taylor


Jo Ann Taylor Logo

Private Custom Journey Highlights

  • Any number of people.

  • Custom Interactive Itinerary

  • Private Transportation

  • Private Meals

  • Custom Select Accommodations

  • Resident Professional Interpretive Guides.

Suitable for solo, couples, small groups of friends, families and affinity groups.


Embark on your own private adventure with The Walking Connection, where every journey is tailored to your preferences, pace, and companions. Whether you're traveling solo, with family, or alongside friends, our private journeys offer the flexibility to explore the world on your terms. Choose your style of adventure, whether it's rustic or luxurious, in the heart of bustling cities or amidst serene landscapes, with options for leisurely strolls or exhilarating day-long treks.

Venture to your chosen destinations, each meticulously curated to reflect the signature style of Walking Connection Founder Jo Ann Taylor. From the majestic dunes of Morocco's Sahara Desert to the enchanting waters of the Galapagos Islands or the vast plains of the Serengeti, we transform your dreams into reality.

Experience "Business Class" service where your state of mind meets your state of being, immersed in the perfect setting at just the right moment.


Currently Accepting  A Limited Number of Clients For Signature Adventures in 2024, 25 & 26.

You. Your Friends. Your Family. You Pick. Anytime. Perfect!


  • Good for solo travelers and from 2-12 people.

  • Semi-Custom Interactive Itineraries

  • Transportation & Luggage Transport

  • Most Meals

  • Accommodations

  • Resident Professional Interpretive Guides

Welcome to our Independent Travel Adventures at The Walking Connection, where exploration knows no bounds, and while your journey is entirely your own, you are not alone. We are with you every step of the way.  

Scripted, Guided Journeys - Each adventure comes with a suite of services designed to accommodate your needs, from budget-friendly options to luxurious indulgences and everything in between. Choose from our curated selection of scripted, guided journeys led by professional interpretive guides, spanning more than 12 captivating countries around the globe.

Self-Guided - Our self-guided adventures, where we equip you with detailed maps and itineraries while handling all the logistics and luggage, leaving you to explore at your own pace.

Guide-Assisted - For added safety and enjoyment, our guide-assisted option offers expert guidance alongside the freedom to venture at your leisure.


With The Walking Connection, embark on a journey that's truly yours, where every step is an adventure waiting to unfold. Welcome to a world of limitless exploration.

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