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The following are questions we are asked most frequently about what it is like to travel with the Walking Connection. Here are straight-forward answers to those questions along plus additional insights providing you with a more complete picture of the exhilarating and authentic experience you'll have with Walking Connection.

Traveling with The Walking Connection - Frequently Asked Questions

Since 1992 we have been leading active adventures around the world for guests just like you. The young and young at heart enjoy the satisfaction of a day’s exploration and relax in the pampering provided at the end of each day’s journey.

Learn why there is a difference when you travel with us and what to expect on our trips including; who travels with us, how far we walk each day, how strenuous our walks are, what is included in your trip, what to bring and more.

New travelers often like to talk with tour directors, owners or trip guides before making a decision to reserve their spot on a trip.  Your question may be answered in the FAQs below but we welcome the opportunity to speak with you directly or exchange emails to provide any additional information.

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