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Exclusively Designed

Private Adventures

Indulge in the epitome of refined custom adventure travel, where every step is a curated experience, and every destination is a revelation.


Jo Ann Taylor, President, is your Lead Travel Designer. Her Signature Adventures cater to the discerning tastes of seasoned travelers, offering a symphony of authenticity, connection, and exclusivity.

Discover a world where exploration is an art, meticulously designed for the upscale traveler seeking more than just a destination. Our guests are not merely tourists—they are connoisseurs of life, seeking a deeper connection to the people and places they visit.


With over three decades of dedicated commitment, Jo Ann has intricately nurtured global connections and cultivated relationships with hospitality providers, guaranteeing an impeccable execution of your adventure. 

Every Jo Ann Taylor Signature Adventure is more than a vacation; it's a journey of enrichment and connection. Her guests seek value beyond the ordinary, and she delivers experiences that transcend expectations.

Jo Ann Taylor, Founder

What Are
Signature Adventures?


Authenticity Redefined

Immerse yourself in the heart and soul of a destination. Jo Ann curates experiences that provide an authentic glimpse into the lives, traditions, and cultures of the places we visit. It's not just about seeing; it's about truly understanding.

Elevate your adventure with a personalized touch. From seamless logistics to bespoke experiences, Jo Ann ensures that every detail is meticulously arranged and presented, allowing you to focus on the joy of exploration.

Business Class Amenities

Unwind in style with amenities that reflect the pinnacle of sophistication. Jo Ann redefines travel comfort, offering business-class level services that enhance every moment of your journey. The upgrades are automatic.

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Signature Adventures
How They Work


1. Browse our Destinations and Ways To Travel.  


2 Get to know Jo Ann and cover the basics. Connect with her at your convenience.

3. Receive Jo Ann's preliminary recommendations. (No Obligation or Cost).

4. When you're ready, have a conversation with Jo Ann to build your trip plan!

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Signature Adventures
Meet Jo Ann 

"Travel isn't just my job. It's an extension of my lifestyle!" That statement is the essence of a similar one she made while interviewing for a position with Nike. She got the job, and through it, she discovered her passion for WALKING!


Striking out on her own, she wrote a book, made a video (VHS), became a noted fitness and motivational speaker, a national spokesperson for Team In Training, and created her first company, the Walking Connection. She gained national, regional, and local corporate sponsorships, where she was featured in advertising campaigns and special events. As a pioneer and guru in fitness walking and in keeping with her passion for walking, she has accomplished the rare feat of doing a daily fitness walk for at least 10 minutes for more than 5200 consecutive days and counting. Lastly, she turned her personal commitment into a professional career where she designs and leads walking adventures and travel tours to more than 30 countries on all but one continent.


 Jo Ann Taylor's Signature Adventures is a legacy forged over 34 years of expertise through the Walking Connection. Rooted in a well-cultivated network of contacts, colleagues, and professional associations, Jo Ann weaves her wealth of experience into a seamless fusion of lifestyle and travel.   


Jo Ann's companies are proudly woman and minority-owned businesses based in Glendale, Arizona, USA. Taking pictures and leaving only footprints was never enough for Jo Ann. "I travel to meet people and gain a better understanding of how they live, often in developing nations. At some point, we begin to meet on a deeper level; and they become friends. With time, and repeat visits, they share their passions and life aspirations. Occasionally, we meet a truly dynamic person who is doing something special. There is a certain magic when that happens. You come to know them and understand how you might help them with a hand-up." Jo Ann's companies currently support Education For All, Morroco (Secondary Education For Girls), JASCAR Foundation, Uganda (Menstrual Education and "Girl Packs" for school girls and young women), and Divergent Adventures, her company that creates and operates educational adventure travel programs for individuals and families affected by neurodiversity.  


 Journey with Purpose

Discover a world crafted exclusively for you.

Join Jo Ann Taylor Signature Adventures and unlock the extraordinary.

She Knows The Way!

©2024 WalkingConnection®
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