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Why Travel With The Walking Connection?


Come Hike With Us!

We would like to let you know that when you travel with the Walking Connection, there is a difference!

We offer exciting destinations, limit our group size, stay in fine accommodations, enjoy excellent cuisine and have expert local guides – but so do many other companies. So what sets The Walking Connection® far above the others? Personal attention to each guest that travels with us. We don’t want you to feel like you are just part of a group. Rather, we want you to know that we have taken the time to get to know you, your personal tastes, interests and activity levels. This helps us shape each trip to meet your needs as we travel together. Our goal is to make your vacation not only as personally satisfying as possible, but one that far exceeds your expectations.

Something different.

We spend countless hours searching for and finding the places and activities that are sure to show you something you most likely would have never found on your own. Even if you travel with us to a place that you have already visited, chances are we will still show you some things you did not see or experience before. “It’s the little touches.” This is a statement we hear often. It might be a warm towel and fresh squeezed juice after a long ride down a dusty road, a surprise gift after a sumptuous meal, or a simple introduction to another member of the group we feel you have something in common with. We want you to feel special and pampered.

It’s all in the atmosphere.

We create a warm and friendly atmosphere where you can meet new friends yet still have the personal space to be independent with time on your own.

Once you have traveled with us you become a member of the High Mileage Club. Benefits include prior notice of upcoming trips (many of which sell out), a rewards program for referrals and an exclusive newsletter with travel updates. Please contact us if you have any questions or need more specific information about the Walking Connection or any trip.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you personally. It is our pleasure to provide you with any additional information about what it is like to travel with us and any of our exciting adventures.

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