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Why Do We Walk?

For us the answer is easy. In the places we visit, the people we meet and the serendipitous experiences we enjoy seem to come to us at pedestrian speed. The purpose of our travel is to experience life not as we know it, but to learn, share and connect to it, as it exists, untouched, in a place that is new to us. Walking simply is the best way to do that.

Much of western life moves past us through a pane of glass. Cars, buses, trains, planes and more frequently the screen of a cell phone or tablet, and now, “60 inch HD” televisions make up a lot of our day-to-day life experiences. Taking an adventurous walk through a foreign landscape, or along a footpath that has stood for thousands of years, or to walk into a hillside village and meet an ethnic tribe of people who still live their lives as their ancestors did generations before them changes that…Forever

Walking in a new and different land provides unique opportunities, a new perspective and typically, much fonder appreciation of our life at home. For a brief week or so, we can venture outside of our comfort zone. The call of a distant mountain peak, the power of a deep canyon or the solitude of an ancient burial ground stirs a form of motivation to walk a bit farther than we usually do.

Why We Walk!

Indeed the simple sight of a blind corner just ahead can move us to walk further just to see what is around it. More times than not it is here where the reward of our efforts payoff and it is that precise moment when we learn that the whole world is full of corners that must be explored. You have to connect to whatever is on the other side and walking is “THE” connection.

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