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Uganda Gorilla & Chimp Treks

Hosted By
Gene & Jo Ann Taylor

 Wildlife Safari In The
Pearl of Africa 


Gene & Jo Ann Taylor, co-founders of The Walking Connection are your hosts and walking companions for this small gathering, guided adventure

Oct. 26 - Nov. 3, 2024

With optional Nile River & Murchison Falls pre extension

and Rwanda post extension.

9-Days, 8-Nights

A unique adventure to the Impenetrable Forest and Uganda's Mountain Gorillas.

Priced from:

Call Us. +1 623.561.0846

$9498USD        ($8998 For High Mileage Club Members)

per person, double occupancy

$2400 USD Due With Registration

Gorillas In Our Midst

Gorillas, chimps, and monkeys, oh my!

Lions, leopards, and hippos too!


Embark on an Epic Ugandan Adventure with hosts Gene and Jo Ann Taylor, founders of the Walking Connection.

Discover the captivating wonders of Uganda on an unforgettable journey that will transport you through its lush landscapes, incredible wildlife, and vibrant culture. From the serene shores of Lake Victoria to the mystical forests of Bwindi, prepare to immerse yourself in the very heart of Africa. As Winston Churchill aptly described it, Uganda is indeed the "Pearl of Africa." Its breathtaking natural beauty, characterized by lush forests, rolling hills, and an array of wildlife, awaits your exploration.

Witness the birth of the world's longest river as it embarks on its remarkable journey to the Mediterranean Sea. Feel the awe-inspiring energy of the Nile River as it surges through the heart of Uganda. With over 1,000 bird species, Uganda is an absolute haven for birdwatchers. Our wildlife safari is rich in opportunities to experience lions, elephants, buffaloes, and leopards, along with the accompanying cast of antelopes, giraffes, zebra, hippos, and crocodiles.

Gorillas in our midst!

Embark on a life-altering gorilla trekking adventure. Uganda and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park harbor nearly half of the world's mountain gorilla population, offering a rare and profound encounter with these gentle giants.

Your Walking Connection adventure through Uganda promises to be an extraordinary odyssey. You'll traverse a land of natural wonders, cultural richness, and unforgettable wildlife encounters. It's time to uncover the essence of Africa in Uganda. Come Walk With Us is our invitation to join us on this remarkable journey.


Interactive Map

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#1 Your Hosts

Jo Ann and Gene Taylor, Founders of The Walking Connection are your hosts on one of the most profound natural history experiences in the world. 





Our resident expert naturalist guides, rangers, and researchers are your steadfast companions, every step of the way. 




While you'll appreciate your trusty hiking boots most days, your adventure is a blend of activities and adventure, comfort and relaxation, fun challenges, and plenty of time to reflect and take it all in. 

*JoAnn and Gene Taylor are scheduled to lead this trip, with the understanding that in case of emergency, another leader may be substituted.

3-BLO-wet gorilla looking out-RD12.jpg

Day By Day


Please note that the details of this itinerary are subject to change. Many of the planned activities are organized according to availability, events or seasonal dates, appropriate weather conditions or the discretion of our guides. We make every effort to provide the experience described in the itinerary with the understanding that some things may change.

Featured Walks and Hikes & Itinerary Overview

With two professional driver guides, we will provide daily hike options.

  • Welcome. Meet and Greet in Entebbe.  - Overnight in Entebbe (Protea Hotel).

  • Guided Crater Lake Walk - Kilbale Rainforest - Mountains of the Moon! Overnight Ndali Lodge.

  • Chimpanzee Trek, Bigodi Community Walk - Overnight Ndali Lodge.

  • Safari - Queen Elizabeth National Park - Sustainable Tourism, Cultural Exhange - Overnight Kyambura Gorge Lodge.

  • Safari - Boat Along Kazinga Channel. Overnight Kyambura Gorge Lodge.

  • Safari - Lion Tracking and game drive with researchers on the Kasenyi plains - Overnight Kyambura Gorge Lodge.

  • Safari - Tree Climbing Lions - Overnight Bwindi Lodge

  • Trekking Safari - Gorilla Trek - Overnight Bwindi Lodge


The hotel is situated on the shores of the beautiful Lake Victoria. Conveniently it is within just a few minute's drive of the airport for easy arrivals and departures. Though we are only here for a short duration, the welcoming hospitality and warm smiles are your introduction to warm African hospitality. 


Early morning transfer back to the airport for flight to Kasese.

We will be met by our local guide and vehicle for a transfer through the lush agricultural countryside passing through beautiful tea plantations and to the edge of the greater Kibale Rainforest.Enjoy a guided crater lake walk and a farm walk on the vanilla estate, or just kick back, relax and enjoy the surroundings. B,L,D


Kibale Forest National Park is home to 13 primate species. Our guided forest trek will be offered in search of one of the most popular primate species in the world – the chimpanzee. We'll follow the soundtrack of birdsong as we trek in the depths of Ugnada's lush green forest. Grey-cheeked mangabey and the red-tailed monkey dance in the trees along the way.Well-maintained trails and generally flat terrain provide exceptional access to explore the forest. B,L,D



This morning we gently descend into The Great African Rift Valley and Queen Elizabeth National Park. This fertile, equatorial area and has beautiful scenery and is Uganda’s most popular and accessible savannah reserve. It has one of the highest biodiversity ratings of any game reserve in the world, including a total of 95 recorded mammal species and more than 610 species of birds. B,L,D


Today is a morning game drive and a private boat ride along the Kazinga Channel. The launch trip provides an amazing chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fresh river breeze while observing elephants, buffalo, waterbuck, and Ugandan kob. More than 30,000 hippos make it the largest concentration of hippos in the world.  B,L,D


This morning, you have an option of lion tracking and game drives. This afternoon, take part in the lodge-based cultural activities or just chill. Visit the Community Bee-keeping Project B,L,D


Morning game drive in the Ishasha sector and onto to Buhoma/Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Bwindi forest is a magnificent luxuriant swathe across the steep ridges of the Albertine Rife Valley. This ancient rainforest is considered one of Africa's most biologically diverse forests. Tree-climbing lions have deviated from their species’ usual behavior and can be found lazing in acacia and fig trees. There are four prides of lion in the plains.B,L,D


After breakfast, take a short drive to Park Headquarters and meet with excellent local guides and trackers who will give a talk on the etiquette of gorilla trekking. We then hike into the forest where the gorillas were seen the night before and track from that point.  The trekking can take from 1 to 6 hours and climb to altitudes not in excess of 7,500 feet.  The terrain can be rough and at times muddy.  The hike may be physically demanding but the beauty of the forest and surrounding scenery make the trekking worthwhile. Once the gorillas are located all fatigue is forgotten, as the experience is often described as being the most profound natural history experience in the world.  B,L,D



This morning we depart the lodge for the drive to Kihihi airstrip for your scheduled flight back to Entebbe airport.


Photo Credit: ColinRuggiero


What's Included?


We'll help you get ready. Walking Connection Adventure Specialists will help you plan and prepare for a fantastic journey. We can make pre and post-stays to the Nile River, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, or Zanzibar; help with ground transportation; and we can even help with our Free Journey 30-Day Physical Training program to help you maximize your trekking experience. Our detailed Know Before You Go is priceless! It has everything, from packing lists, weather, entry information to recommended readings.  

From rustic luxury to pure heaven, you can discuss the hotels "star rating" with your butler during your massage. Though the star system of rating hotels is always subjective, our accommodations' warmth and welcoming hospitality make them simply the best of the best. Double occupancy (two beds) is standard, but Kings are available, and single travelers are always welcome. All come with world-class amenities.


Food & Beverage
When you think of African cuisine, think traditional with a Western flair. Ugandan cuisine is diverse and reflects the country's rich cultural heritage and agricultural abundance.  ALL MEALS are included while on Safari. Always sumptuous, the only way to go hungry here is to try. 


Hosted and Guided Adventure
Professionally, safety-accredited resident guides bring the safari to life. They are full-time residents with a passion for sharing their lives and the places where they live. From our walking and hiking guides, to the safari driver-guides, to the rangers, wildlife trackers and researchers we follow, all are there for one reason, to share the best of Uganda with YOU! 


Equipment and Special Gear

Preparing for your adventure is the key to a successful holiday. Uganda's Impenetrable Forest is green for a reason. It rains a lot. Your rain pants and jackets will come in handy. Layers are key to staying comfortable dry. Bring sunscreen too! There is usually plenty of that, too. Warm days can be followed by warm evenings. Our gorilla trek is at elevation (up to 7500'), so a hydration bladder is recommended. Sturdy boots, preferably waterproof, and gaiters are a must.


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