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Introducing JOURNEY 30

by Jo Ann Taylor, co-founder of the Walking Connection and iConquer Adventures

So you are home...STILL...maybe feeling disconnected.

Favorite trails and parks are closed, can't go to the gym and it's best to social distance from your regular walking and hiking friends. Routines are disrupted. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END?

Perhaps we need to turn things around. What if we looked at this as a time of re-definement instead of confinement? With time on our hands, we can evaluate where we are, examine where we want to be and maybe at the same time find ourselves.

Being active right now is more crucial than ever for both mind and body. This is also a moment to accomplish what we didn't have the time or motivation before. To help you achieve something positive during all of the uncertainty, the Walking Connection has developed JOURNEY 30.

Whether you would like to move more, maintain your fitness during a stressful situation, get ready for your next great adventure or set your sights on climbing a mountain -- we are here to help you make that connection.

JOURNEY 30 is a 30 day walking/hiking program that will keep you on the path to wellness and self care. Our Walk Talk newsletter will continue to bring you healthy living information and inspiration as well as access to the JOURNEY 30 daily program.

Let's come out at the end feeling even better than the before!


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