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Adventure = Personal Transformation

Walking Connection guests crave new doors to open and adventure travel opportunities to explore. They are driven to make a genuine connection between themselves, the people they meet along the way and the time they share with each other. They approach each with the intention of provoking moments of clarity, empathy, and understanding. They seek to organically absorb an authentic cultural experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  

Walking Connection balances adventure with value and comfort to create exceptional life experiences.

Our guests come from all walks of life.


They are individuals who like to engage with and travel in small groups of like-minded walkers and hikers.


They are a collection of people who enjoy the company and camaraderie of both lifelong and new-found friends. 


They are curious and creative, physically active, love to learn and laugh. They appreciate a higher level of service, finer accommodations, excellent cuisine and special locally sourced beverages.


They cherish their time walking, hiking and seeing the world the way it was meant to be seen, with The Walking Connection,
one step at a time!.

"Fall sleep listening to the waves. 
Wake up to the sunrise and see the next island you're going to explore. Perfect!"

Taking an unexpected turn. "Zigging" when mainstream tourists "Zag." Walking up and over a hill to experience the unique rather than going around the base to simply check an item off of a bucket list because it is fast or easy. The Walking Connection offers private, independent and small group journeys to exciting destinations in a style that has been defined by its creators, Gene and Jo Ann Taylor. 

Come Walk With Us!

Whether you visit our site to simply enjoy the images and learn what it is like to take an adventure travel vacation or to book an upcoming travel tour like an African Walking Safari with us, we are glad you are here.


Please take your time as you explore the world through our lens, and when it is right for you, come walk the world with Walking Connection. 

We Are Your Connection To People And The Places Where They Live.

Unplug Into Nature On A Grand Scale

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