Meet Croatia 

At the heart of our adventure travel is our belief that the most profound travel experiences are born in the relationships we create with the people we meet along the way...C O N N E C T I O N.

This has never been more certain than with our NEWEST European adventure to the Dalmation Coast and Croatia.

Meet Croatia 

September 15 - 21, 2021

With optional two-night pre and post extensions.

7-Days, 6-Nights

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per person, double occupancy

$500 USD Due With Registration



What is around the bend in the road just up ahead?


Do you think the dimly lit sign hanging over the door at the end of the narrow village street is a restaurant, or store, or perhaps even a local watering hole? Who's inside? 


Place yourself just inside the walls of a fortified town? Who lived here in the past? Who lives here NOW?

Some things you can see on a map, but many others are only available to you by a knowledgeable local guide. Our passion isn’t just to find the right places to go but to enlist just the right guides and local characters to share a small part of their lives with you.  

From unique cultural hikes and culinary walks to amazing boutique properties with an authentic charm, this adventure brings a new perspective on the Croatian classics.


As you browse the Day-by-Day, notice that the descriptions offer the names of the people who live in each of these places we visit and are leading our day's events. 


"Meet our special guide Viktor; meet the Mujo family; guided by our host Antonija Rusković" and these are the folks that lead us in just the first two days of our journey through Croatia.


To them, this is not just business, it's personal. They want to show you the best of their homes and homeland.

EXCLUSIVE! Gene & Jo Ann Taylor, co-founders of The Walking Connection are your planned hosts and walking companions for this small group adventure. Built with safety, social distancing, and serenity as priorities, this is the perfect vacation for a private family or group of close friends. 

Your Experience

Level of Comfort

The sleeping accommodations on this journey are very comfortable and always with lots of personality. Although star ratings are not particularly helpful when it comes to character-filled small boutique hotels in Dubrovnik and Split, both of the properties boast 4 stars. 


Amenities and locations are important, and added to that list is also the history, cultural importance each property has to the people who live in the cities we visit.

Though we will be traveling along the coastline of the Adriatic Sea over the course of this adventure, the weather should be similar to that of the Northern US and Southern Canada. We expect to dress in Autumn layers to stay warm and dry.  

The first month of the autumn, September, is still a warm month in Dubrovnik and Split, with average temperature ranging between min 18.2°C (64.8°F) and max 23.4°C (74.1°F).


We will be following the Adventure Travel COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines using international industry standards, public resources from the CDC, WHO, governments, and tour operators.

Level Of Comfort.jpg

Level Of Activity

For most, the walks and off-road rugged hikes will be considered MODERATE. We define this category of adventure and walking tour as:  

Moderate - Planned Serendipity

  • Each day usually consists of 3-5 hours of activities most centered around walking over various terrains. 

  • The terrain includes city streets, village cobblestone walkways, well-worn countryside paths with uphill and downhill components.

  • Achieving a specific destination (point A to B) is not usually the goal and generally, there is a support vehicle or alternative transportation available.

  • Other activities may include a river float, smooth water kayaking, or horseback riding.

  • Your day pack will include a liter of water, snacks, rain jacket, sunscreen, and personal items.



Please note that the details of this itinerary are subject to change. Many of the planned activities are organized according to availability, events or seasonal dates, appropriate weather conditions or the discretion of our guides. We make every effort to provide the experience described in the itinerary with the understanding that some things may change.

DAY 1 - Welcome to Dubrovnik’s Old Town
Dubrovnik (3).jpg

Your private chauffeur transfers you from the airport to Hotel Villa Nobile Boutique Hotel in Old Town Dubrovnik. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and undoubtedly Croatia’s most popular destination.


An afternoon guided walk ends with an unforgettable welcome dinner with an amazing view.

Cheers and Welcome to Croatia!

Overnight: Hotel Villa Nobile - Night 1 of 3 

Meals included: Dinner

The main pedestrian thoroughfare, Placa (Stradun), in all its white stone brilliance smoothed by centuries of wear, is a wonderful collection of cafés and shops bookended by a cluster of important monuments at either end.

DAY 2 - Off The Beaten Path in the Konavle Region

MEET our special guide Viktor... 

...MEET the Mujo family.

Meet our special guide Viktor, in the morning hours for a private hiking experience of Konavle.


This  southern most region of Croatia is boasting breathtaking Mediterranean landscapes and hidden historic treasures. The highlight for many is the cave-shrine of ancient Roman times god Mitra but also some of Konavle's most hidden beaches if you want to cool off in the pristine Waters of the Adriatic.

Spend the day doing exactly what pleases you – hiking with the group, or explore on your own and meet for lunch later.

Overnight: Hotel Villa Nobile - Night 2 of 3

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch


Konavle (4).jpg

Photo Credit: ColinRuggiero

Following lunch, we will have the opportunity to enjoy other side of this region. Konavle has for centuries been renowned for the production of silk yarn, where it was used to decorate male and notably female national costumes. Konavle embroidery is an important part of the national costume of this small region and through the ages it has developed its own artistic language transforming into something much more than simple decoration.

DAY 3 - Grapes and Landscapes

...MEET Mario Bartulović, a true local and renowned wine-maker.

On our way to the Pelješac Peninsula, we will visit the village of Mali Ston, home to a highly valued, authentic and delicious Croatian product – oysters! Learn how to open the shells to taste the delicious prize inside, with just a dash of lemon juice
After lunch, return transfer to Dubrovnik. Enjoy remainder of the evening at your leisure.

The art of wine-making is deep within the Croatian culture. For a better understanding of the tie to their land we will walk the paths in the hillside vineyards.


Mario will introduce us to Grgich winery set dramatically top of a ridge overlooking the charming Trstenik harbor. Miljenko Grgich studied wine-making in Zagreb, and after migrating to the US, with only $20 in his pocket he founded the famous Grgich Hills winery in Napa Valley. 


Our final sojourn will be to the 500-year-old wine cellar of the Bartulović family, and our host Mario.


By this time, it will feel like visiting a friend's house, enjoying a wine-tasting and a superb traditional Croatian lunch of Peka – a signature dish of the Dalmatian region.

Overnight: Hotel Villa Nobile - Night 3 of 3

Meals included: Breakfast, Oyster Tasting, Wine Tasting, Lunch

Day 4 - Onwards to Split

...MEET Katija’s in her organic garden. 

En route we will stop at the Trsteno Arboretum. The oldest arboretum in this part of the world, it was erected by the local noble family Gucetic - Gozze in the late 15th century, who requested ship captains to bring back seeds and plants from their travels.


Strolling through the diverse Arboretum we will reach the traditional family residence of our host Katija and her organic garden where the ingredients will be found for our lovely lunch. 


Split became a city after Salona, the Roman capital of Dalmatia was invaded. The remarkable ensemble of Roman, Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance and other architectural remains are all still here—and so are more than 3,000 people still living inside these ancient walls.


Overnight: Hotel Judita Palace - Night 1 of 3

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch

Lunch with Katija in Trsteno (4).jpg
Split is more than its walled palace; it’s about enjoying the local Dalmatian way of life. Our guide will lead you through history and time, sharing interesting anecdotes from the history and culture of this wonderful city.
After our walk, enjoy the rest of the evening on your own in one of the vibrant restaurants in the Old Town.

Day 5 - The Secret Dalmatian Hinterland

MEET our private guide for a hiking tour of the Dalmatian Hinterland. 

Hinterland (1).jpg

The Secret Dalmatia Hinterland hike takes us away from the crowds on a tour of nature, heritage and gastronomy, introducing us to a very different Dalmatia from the one experienced on the beach.

This day is a journey of colors, scents and flavors, all spiced up with some remarkable sceneries and history, introducing you to a very different Dalmatia, still intact and largely unknown to its average visitor.


Overnight: Hotel Judita Palace - Night 2 of 3

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch

The rugged roads enhance the sense of adventure, taking us to the sources of four of the many rivers around here. Grab, Ruda, Ovrjka and Rumin, the rivers that have powered mills of Dalmatia for centuries, are today magnificent landscape sites of springs, waterfalls and cliffs. Start your tour along the Dalmatian Hinterland, filled with bucolic sceneries of the valley, sudden springs and abandoned mills.

Day 6 - In Search of Truffles

...a delectable secret that is well kept by two extraordinary women – MEET Matilda and Ivan...MEET Chef Tatjana...

Matilda and Ivana are passionate about the fruits of mother nature, the precious Dalmatian truffle.


Accompanied by a truffle expert and well-trained truffle dogs of the breed Lagotto Romagnolo, we will be guided on a hunt in search of the special delicacy.


The Dalmatia truffle is truly one of a kind and since its existence is still relatively unknown to most people, only the most curious and zealous will know to appreciate it.


Trogir Town – a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage. A tiny island treasure, Trogir’s roots are Greek, not Roman-like Split, and its crown jewel is the spectacular 13th Cathedral of St. Lawrence.

Overnight: Hotel Judita Palace - Night 3 of 3

Meals included: Breakfast, Truffle Tasting, Dinner

Truffle hunt from Split (1).jpg

Here we will be welcomed by one the most amazing and creative chefs in the region, for a very special ´behind the closed doors` experience. Chef Tatjana, published in the Saveur Magazine and Andrew Zimmern’s Foods Show will prepare dinner for us in her 13th century old home. Cheers to a wonderful adventure and all of the locals we have met along the way.

Day 7 - Departure day or stay another day (or two)

‘Dovidjenja!’ Until we meet again!

Hinterland (3).jpg

Meet your chauffeur for a private transfer to Split Airport for your departure flight.

‘Dovidjenja!’ Until we meet again!



Email Us for details.

Meals included: Breakfast

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Where We Sleep


<<<< Hotel Villa   Nobile The sleeping Living in the Heritage hotel Nobile is like living in a luxurious villa built in the end of the 18 century, but renovated to the highest standards, showing you the life of a noble Dubrovnik family.


Hotel Judita >>>> Palace 

Open the windows of these gorgeous Renaissance rooms. From the high towers, out of the deep cellars, in narrow streets, between the columns and through the stone gate, life shouts and cheers and staggers. And once you close the window only serenity remains.

dinner with Tatjana (1).jpg

Photo Credit: Maasai Wanderings

Photo Credit: Maasai Wanderings

Photo Credit: Maasai Wanderings

A Dream Come True...

"“Thank you for organizing such an amazing trip to Tanzania.  Everything was first class and far exceeded my expectations.  Each day I kept asking myself, how can this get any better?  And each day it did!

- Cindy R., California

"The guides, the food, the service, and most of all our fellow travelers made this a trip of a lifetime."

- Colleen H., Alberta, Canada

"The accommodations were all excellent and unique, perfectly suited to the terrain we visited. For those who count, the numbers of animals, especially the big ones, were amazing."

- Tom M. and Elizabeth D., Arizona



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*Gene & Jo Ann Taylor, Walking Connection co-founders will be your hosts. •Meals per the itinerary •Bilingual certified local guides eager to share their extensive knowledge, history and culture •Six nights accommodations in small luxury boutique hotels.• Private guided evening stroll of Dubrovnik Old Town, Konavle Art & culture experience with silk making Private wine tour •Evening walking tour of Split  Truffle hunt in Dalmatian hinterland Guided hike of Dalmatian hinterland • Exclusive behind the closed door dinner with chef Tatjana in her 13th ct home palace in Trogir. •All activities with related transportation. •Entrance fees and permits •Detailed “Know Before You Go” information including recommended website, reading lists, packing list, what to bring, weather and much, much more

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•International round trip airfare or departure taxes. •Local guide gratuities. •Covid-19 testing or vaccinations. •Travel insurance. •Airport transfers other than scheduled group transportation at beginning and end of itinerary •All items of a personal nature, including beverages and shopping • Photographs or phone calls. • All items of a personal nature including beverages and shopping. •​No discounts or refunds on any unused portion of the tour.Anything that is not expressly stated in the itinerary or on the inclusions page as included. •Travel Insurance is not included, we recommend CSA Travel Pro

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This adventure will have between 6 and 10 guests. Walking Connection travel experiences are inclusive for a variety of abilities of positive and like-minded guests, happy to enjoy nature, culture, history and fantastic food along the way including solo travelers, couples and friends traveling together. *This trip will be hosted by co-founders Jo Ann and Gene Taylor -- Come Walk With Us!

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*Updated 3/2021 Covid-19 Policy: For this trip, your initial deposit of $500.00 USD will be fully refundable or transferable up until 61 days prior to departure. If your initial deposit was a credit from a previous trip postponement, it can only be used as a credit for a future trip, no cash refunds.


Due to the  current unpredictablility and volatile nature of today’s world due to the COVID pandemic, 65 days prior to departure we will evaluate whether the trip will be confirmed and or if in our sole discretion the group travel dates need to be adjusted; or if any policies need to be modified going forward. We will notify you at that time so you can adjust your scheduling accordingly.

Cancellation, Penalty & Refund Policies: Should you have to cancel your tour the following terms will apply: Due to the exclusive and small group nature of this adventure, for all cancellation requests the following applies.

  • For Cancellations and no shows 60 days before trip, no refunds.

  • No refunds will be made for any unused portion of the tour.


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Truffle hunt from Split (5).jpg
Lunch with Katija in Trsteno (5).jpg
Lunch with Katija in Trsteno (2).jpg

Photo Credits To:  Deniz-Fuchidzhiev, Dimitry-Anikin, Hotel Villa Nobile & Hotel Judita Palace



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