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Walking Connection Co-founder Jo Ann Taylor and invited guests regularly post articles here that are informational and entertaining. Best of all, they are all written with you in mind. Please look through the list of articles and the various topics, we’re sure you’ll find something that speaks to you. If not, go below and write some that speaks to us. Tell us your story and let us share it with our community.

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  • When Walking Is A Way Of Life

  • 1000 Days Of Walking

  • The Too Short List

  • Bali, A Kaleidoscope Of Color

  • There’s An Elephant In The Room

  • Desert Ramblings

  • Special Walk With Pablo Seminario – Urabamba, Peru

  • 1095 Days = Three Years of Walking

  • 10 Minutes Counts

  • Seeing Through The Looking Glass!

  • Breaking Your Comfort Zone!

  • Sticking With It!

  • Women Walking Safely!

  • Your First Step To A Good Walking Shoe Fit

  • Water, Food as Fuel & Stress -vs- Rest!!

  • Training Tips and Interval Walking!

  • Do You Want To Burn More FAT?

  • Fitness Walking Technique and Form

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