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Adventures For Your Body, Mind & Urge To Travel

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The Walking Connection Blog is about our journey through the world.


On this journey, we have: Walked the Great Wall of China, climbed Africa's highest peak (twice), and hiked Tasmania's amazing Overland Track. We have photo-safaried by elephant's back searching for tigers in India, by helicopter for polar bears in Canada, by hot air balloon over the wildebeest migration in Kenya, and by train on one of the world's greatest train rides, the Orient Express from Puno to Cusco in the Andes Mountains of Peru. From the depths of America's Grand Canyon to live volcanoes in Iceland, Hawaii (US), and Costa Rica it is the people with whom we have shared our journey that has made each place memorable.

Our stories are written with the passion of someone who is relaying a firsthand experience. Inspiration is provided by Jo Ann Taylor, co-founder of the Walking Connection, 33-year adventure travel professional, and president of the Walking Connection. She, along with our contributing team members and YOU, our readers are the source of stories created and told on this site.  

We've Got Stories To Tell, Yours and Ours.

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