This Is Glamping

Ever since our first trip to Kenya 25 years ago, we have loved glamping! On our return from Africa, we sought out other unique locations where we could connect deeply to stunning nature in an authentic way.

Glamping is where being in the great outdoors meets modern luxury. It's where you can have a deeper engagement with your surroundings and still enjoy the comforts of home, sleeping beneath a blanket of stars.

With high style under canvas, think of it as glamorous camping. Beautifully decorated walk-in tents with fine linens on real beds and colorful rugs underfoot - this will be your personal space to escape the ordinary on the Walking Connection adventure to Baja Mexico, April 20 - 24, 2021.

Have something to look forward to...


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We are a minority and woman owned and operated travel company, proudly established in the USA in1989.

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