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iTravel - Why We Walk

iTravel - Why We Walk

Every Walking Connection Travel Experience is about you seeing the world at your own pace – backed by our careful planning and commitment to setting the highest standards of comfort and adventure. We offer journeys to exciting destinations in a style that had been defined by its creators, Gene and Jo Ann Taylor.

Why Walk? For us the answer is easy. In the places we visit, the people we meet and the serendipitous experiences we enjoy seem to come to us at pedestrian speed. The purpose of our travel is to experience life not as we know it, but to learn, share and connect to it, as it exists, untouched, in a place that is new to us. Walking simply is the best way to do that.

Our guided walking expeditions are about freedom – yours! Expertly designed itineraries and flawless execution of the details ensures you will have time to explore, learn and immerse yourself into all a destination has to offer. Whether you join us on a hosted small group departure or guided adventures, walking with us means enjoying the tranquility, beauty and drama of nature with guides who know the land, are committed to your safety, and the enjoyment of your experience.

We have an exciting and growing line up of adventures on nearly every continent and we invite you to come walk the world with us. Visit our Destination page to see all the currently locations today.

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