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Pico, São Jorge and Faial Islands 


Imagine an archipelago in the Atlantic where the volcanic mountains covered in lush vegetation rise above the clouds and the waterfalls gush from great height. This is a place where large lagoons of emerald green waters and ancient volcanic craters are of a unique beauty. A destination where you can swim in natural pools in the middle of the ocean as well as come close to the great whales that travel the sea.

Suitable for people of all walking abilities - together we will explore the beautiful islands of Pico, São Jorge and Faial located in the center of the archipelago.


The Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal, is a breathtaking archipelago made up of 9 volcanic islands in the mid-Atlantic. The Triangle of Faial in the foreground, Pico in the background and to the right, and to the left, stretching between the sea and the sky... São Jorge. Dissimilar and each unique on its own, they are all part of the whole. Their closeness and the numerous maritime links between them, makes this "Triangle" a fascinating, surprising destination.

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Please note that the details of this itinerary are subject to change. Many of the planned activities are organized according to availability, events or seasonal dates, appropriate weather conditions or the discretion of our guides. We make every effort to provide the experience described in the itinerary with the understanding that some things may change.

Pico Island - The Mountain Island

With an alluring landscape featuring the volcano Ponta do Pico, it is an impressive background always in our view. Pico is referred to as the Ilha Preta ("Black Island"), for its black volcanic earth, responsible for its UNESCO-designated historical vineyards that motivated the development of this island.


Gather in the late afternoon at our charming hotel. Built with passion, the Aldeia da Fonte hotel is integrated into the stunning nature of Pico Island. With volcanic stone houses leaning over the cliffs to the Atlantic Ocean and among lush gardens, it is our haven -  halfway between the Old and the New World. Enjoy azorean nature in serenity, relax and soak in the sea while discovering walking paths that lead to Atlantic pools below.


Meet your fellow travelers and Portuguese guide, Francisco Mendonça. We'll enjoy dinner while contemplating the magnificence of Pico mountain, the beauty of the surrounding biodiverse landscape and our exciting week ahead.


Welcome to the Azores! 

Accommodation: Aldeia da Fonte Hotel - 1st of 3 nights

Day 1

The Whaling Life of Pico

Whaling became an important activity in Pico Island by the end of the 18th century, when American whalers arrived to hunt. Soon locals engaged in this activity that became one of the most important sources of income for the Island.  Whalers sailed away on small rowing boats to hunt the huge whales that crossed the Azorean waters.


Though the battle between man and whale is now an extinct industry it had a direct influence on the culture as it is today. We will learn about that culture and the rich marine ecosystem where the island of Pico is located with a visit to the Museum of Whalers.  Plus we will participate in a whale watching excursion.  With more  than 20 species of whale, dolphins and porpoises either inhabiting the waters around Pico Island or passing by along their migratory routes, it will prove to be an exciting adventure.


For a taste of the local culture - an authentic lunch will be an experience inside a space that reproduces the traditional whaling architecture and where the cuisine is made with locally sourced products.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation​: Aldeia da Fonte Hotel - 2nd of 3 nights

Day 2

Pico Island

Today will start with a walk along a forest footpath which leads us to the remains of vineyard corrals and small bridges of carved stone which indicate the importance that this route once had when it was the main link to Ponta da Ilha. Pass by an interesting abandoned building, which was once a small local butter factory and which still houses the butter-making equipment. Our walk will be complete as we walk along and enjoy the coastline. 


Following our walk we will visit the largest lava tunnel in Portugal. The scenery that surrounds us will be spectacular though only entering to the first 1,500 feet.  Get a sense of  the impressive  forces that excavated this tunnel in pure basaltic rock over 1500 years ago.


In the late afternoon we will visit the famous vineyards of the “Verdelho” wine, a  World Heritage by UNESCO  site. Curiously find out how it is possible to grow a vineyard of unique characteristics in the barren basaltic stone that has strongly influenced the landscape. Sample for yourself at a tasting by a local producer!


As the popularity builds about the Azores’ volcanic lakes, resplendent green hills and dramatic coastline, its food is also gaining a reputation. We will delight in what everyone is talking about with a unique gastronomy experience.  Savor Atlantic cuisine presented by a young star chef with background in Michelin restaurants, Timur Abuziarov.


Accommodation​: Aldeia da Fonte​ Hotel - 3rd of 3 nights

Day 3

São Jorge Island - The Island of Fajãs

Today we cross the beautiful channel by ferry that separates Pico from the island of São Jorge. 


This afternoon we will be introduced to the Nunes family from the  Fajã dos Vimes a traditional farming community built on the debris from collapsing cliffs. This fajã is recognized for the amazing coffee grown here as well as the quilts and artisanal textiles produced in the community using ancient techniques on wooden looms.

After the Nunes family welcomes us to lunch, we will have the opportunity to learn about their production of coffee which is one of the few places on the European continent where climatic conditions exists for yielding coffee crops.

From coffee to cheese -- we will then visit the only private cheese factory of São Jorge. A family-owned company that has a specialized process that is one of its secrets to the outstanding quality of its São Jorge cheese.  Freshly produced, the milk comes from their own cows, raised and fed by the family itself in their pastures.


At dinner we will reflect on the day and the people we met along the way with a beautiful view of Pico volcano.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Make It Happen* - 1st of 2 nights

Day 4

São Jorge Island

This morning we head to the northern side of the island and start our walk with a view looking out to two other islands of the archipelago on the horizon --  the small and beautiful Graciosa and the much larger Terceira. We will descend along the scenic trail with gentle slopes and tremendous views. 

As we approach sea level we arrive at the austere yet genuine Fajã do Mero. Here we find that old customs are still preserved, such as the traditional architecture of the houses and the fields that are worked in a primitive way. If we are lucky and Mr. Serafim is close by, he will show us the interior of one of these traditional houses and we will hear the stories of someone who has been shaped by these lands of tough and persevering people.

Lunch will be waiting for us at the house of a local farmer/fisherman. We will eat local delicacies, some fish caught by the owner of the house and taste their cheese, bread, local wines and liqueurs.


Before dinner we will have time for a short walk to the most beautiful oceanic pool in all of the Azores. This is a unique opportunity where we can swim in the warm and clear waters of the islands.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Make It Happen* - 2nd of 2 nights

Day 5

Faial Island - The Blue Island

Today's adventure ferries us to Faial Island and the beautiful city of Horta.  A location of geostrategic importance it secured its place in history with the aeronautics and navy industries. Between 1893 and 1969 the city became an important intercontinental communications center, linking Europe to America. 

Nicknamed "the Blue Island", since no other island can compete with the huge show of hydrangeas in different shades of blue, framing houses, separating fields and road borders.


Enjoy free time in the afternoon to explore this lovely town and it’s harbor, one of the most iconic in the World. Then at day's end we will meet at one of the "must do's" of this island - Peter Cafe Sport.


"If you sail to Horta and don't visit Peter's, you have not actually been to Horta."


From its origin, in the beginnings of the 20th century, this unique spot became most important to the international community of seamen. Having been in business through two world wars and more recently its recognition since the 60's, globally sailors seek out the shelter, socializing and lively conversation found here. We too will enjoy dinner surrounded by the mystique of this famous café.

Accommodation: Hotel do Canal - 1st of 2 nights

Day 6

Faial Island

The day starts with a view from Faial Island's central volcano Caldera, which created the island. With about 470m in depth and 2,000m in diameter, this caldera hosts rare populations of endemic flora of the Azores. Standing in this environment it is impossible for us not to feel small in the face of the immensity of the crater that surrounds us.

Our meandering hike is under a beautiful forest corridor where, time to time we can see the alignment of volcanic cones of the “Capelo” (an area that had a strong volcanic activity). After crossing the bridge over the river we will enter a “Cryptomeria” corridor, one of the most lovely zones of the path with trees of rust-colored trunks providing a beautiful framework.

We will visit the impressive Capelinhos Volcano, that in September of 1957 erupted, adding more than 2.5 km of territory to the island and made possible for the first time in the history of modern volcanology, the study of an underwater volcano in all its stages of development.

We will also understand its impact on these lands shaped by fire by visiting the fabulous Interpretation Center which has been excavated in time-hardened lava. Here we will acknowledge the living forces that gave rise to the whole archipelago.


Our final dinner together will be a magnificent gastronomic experience in one of the most original restaurants in the entire Azores Archipelago. Restaurant owner “Genuíno Madruga”, has circled the world twice solo which has earned him immense respect among the elite community of sailors who have done this achievement. Besides a true yachtsman, he is a Fishing Master as well, which allows us to dine on the best that these rich ocean waters have to offer. Cheers!

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Hotel do Canal​ - 2nd of 2 nights

Day 7

Farewell to the Azores

Today we not only say farewell to Faial but to each other. We hope your adventure leaves you with special memories that last for a lifetime...


Meals included: Breakfast

Day 8

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