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Foot Fitness Check Up

by Dr. Kerry Zang, written exclusively for The Walking Connection.


Good foot health is essential in reaching full stride. If your feet hurt, they are trying to tell you something. Foot pain is not normal and should not be a part of your walking program. Here are some problems to look for.

* HEEL PAIN Whether it occurs in the morning, after short periods of rest or during walking it doesn’t have to slow you down. New, effective treatments are now available for painful heels.

* TIRED, ACHING FEET Controlling foot movement can solve this problem. There are many options including insoles, supportive shoes or custom orthotics. The doctor can determine which is right for you.

* CORNS AND CALLUSES These protective layers of dead skin cells are caused by repeated friction and pressure from skin rubbing on bony areas. Treatments are available, you don’t have to live with pain.

* DRY SKIN/CRACKED HEELS Putting lotion on these areas sometimes isn’t enough. Your doctor has products to balance exfoliating and moisturizing properties to relieve painful dry skin.

* SWEATY FEET/FOOT ODOR The 250,000 sweat glands in your feet can produce up to 4 ounces of perspiration in one day. Ask for remedies to control sweat and/or odor.

* BURNING, CRAMPING OR NUMBNESS This sensation is usually caused by an inflammation of the tissues covering a nerve. If your pain persists, you should see a doctor because this condition is usually progressive if not treated early, and there are many new treatments available.

* BUNIONS Your big toe is the hardest working toe. Every time your foot pushes off the ground it supports most of your bodies weight. Any problem can make walking, even standing painful. Bunions are one of the most common problems. This, as with all of the other foot ailments discussed can and should be treated.

* INGROWN NAILS These are painful and can be dangerous if an infection occurs. Proper shoe gear can help avoid this problem. Don’t ignore redness, swelling, drainage or pain around your toenails.

Foot Health with Dr. Kerry Zang Arizona Footcare Physicians

Founder of the Arizona Institute of Footcare Physicians, Dr. Zang has more than 30 years experience developing and providing the latest technologies in podiatric care. An innovator in his field, he has designed implants and surgical devices, including a joint replacement system for Walking the great toe. Dr. Zang is a rotating speaker for the Podiatry program at Midwestern University in Phoenix, and is actively involved with teaching podiatric students, and lectures throughout the country to his colleagues.

Additional information and to contact Dr. Zang, please click here and visit AZFeet.com.

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