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A Foot Health Quiz - True or False

by Dr. Kerry Zang, written exclusively for The Walking Connection.

1. T or F A person walks around the world nearly 5 times in a lifetime.

True. The average person walks 115,000 miles during the course of their life. That is equivalent to 5 times around the globe, marching in 115,000 parades, or walking the length of the Great Wall of China 115 times.

2. T or F A long term regimen of walking can prolong life.

True. A Harvard study shows a brisk walking program, at speeds of 2.5 to 4.5 miles per hour, produces cardiovascular benefits. Slower walking can be advantageous to cardiac patients or people recuperating from an illness, this burns 60 to 80 calories per mile. Walking at speeds of 5 miles per hour can burn as many calories as moderate jogging.

3. T or F One third of all adults suffer from foot related back pain.

True. Eighty percent of the population will suffer from back pain due to a problem starting in their feet. This can be caused by biomechanical imbalances, abnormal stresses or structural problems.

4. T or F Buy shoes first thing in the morning.

False. It is best to buy shoes in the late afternoon, as feet tend to swell through the course of the day. Never buy a shoe with the idea of breaking it in. It can cause corns, callouses and blisters. Ill fitting shoes are thought to cause 80% of all foot problems.

5. T or F Bone spurs are the main cause of heel pain.

False. Heel pain is often caused by poor foot mechanics. A sudden increase in athletic activity, such as running, walking or even gardening can create a strain on the foot. This usually affects the plantar fascia, the ligament that runs from the heel bone to the front of the foot. When this ligament becomes irritated due to strain or overuse it can cause heel pain due to inflammation. Heel pain is the fastest growing foot problem in America. Fortunately there are new treatments for this condition that can make heel pain a pain of the past.

6. T or F Perspiration causes foot odor.

False. Feet have 250,000 sweat glands and can produce as much as 4 ounces of perspiration in one day. This however does not cause foot odor. Foot odor is caused from bacteria on your feet and in your shoes. To eliminate the odor, you must kill the bacteria. There are several products on the market that address this issue, including ‘On Your Toes’ which is a bactericide formula that prevents further bacterial growth for up to six months. ‘On Your Toes’ is available through Arizona Institute of Footcare Physicians.

Foot Health with Dr. Kerry Zang Arizona Footcare Physicians

Founder of the Arizona Institute of Footcare Physicians, Dr. Zang has more than 30 years experience developing and providing the latest technologies in podiatric care. An innovator in his field, he has designed implants and surgical devices, including a joint replacement system for Walking the great toe. Dr. Zang is a rotating speaker for the Podiatry program at Midwestern University in Phoenix, and is actively involved with teaching podiatric students, and lectures throughout the country to his colleagues.

Additional information and to contact Dr. Zang, please click here and visit AZFeet.com.

Email: Info@WalkingConnection.com - +1 623.561.0846

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