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Did You Know – Fun Facts

Side Walk! Walking sideways burns 78 percent more calories than walking forward. Lateral motion takes extra effort by putting your body to work in unfamiliar ways.

Walk Away From Trouble A study done at the University of Pittsburgh found that postmenopausal women who had walked regularly for more than a decade, avoided heart disease, falls, hospitalization and surgeries far more successfully than their inactive peers.

Do You Have A Need For Speed? Quick! Check out this web site: www.racewalk.com

A Walker’s Motto Always be prepared. Keep a pair of your old walking shoes in your car. You never know when you’ll have the opportunity to squeeze in a 10-minute walk.

Why Weight? A weight gain of 11 to 18 pounds increases your risk of heart disease by 25%. More than 25 pounds increases your risk by 200%-300%!

Step’n Out! The average person takes 9000 steps each day. In a lifetime that is 3.5 trips around the Earth.

New Soles! Your walking shoes should be replaced about every 500 miles. Special tip: Buy two pair of shoes to walk in. Wear one pair to walk in regularly and wear the other pair just on Sundays. When you begin to feel the difference between the two pair of shoes, it’s time to buy a new pair. Now use your previous Sunday pair for your regular walks and your new shoes as your Sunday pair.

Head For The Hills! To increase body toning, cardiovascular fitness and calorie burn, walk uphill.

Man’s and Woman’s Best Friend Does your dog insist you take her (or him) for a walk? Look for a retractable leash. It can help free up your arms so you can keep pumping them, and that will help you get as much or more benefit from your walk as Fefe (or Fido)!

Keep on Walkin’ About 80% of hospital admissions are the result of bad health habits such as leading a sedentary lifestyle. Don’t let yourself or some one you love become a statistic. Get up, out and walking!

A Good Idea Freeze your water bottle. It will melt slowly while you walk so you’ll have a constant supply of cold, refreshing water.

Don’t be a statistic! Twenty-five percent of people who start an exercise program quit the first week. Another 25% quit within the first six months.

Roughing it! Walking on a rough but level track requires 50% more energy than walking on a paved road.

In The Fast Lane! Do you know how fast you are walking? To get a close estimate, count the number of steps you take in one minute and divide by 30. For an example, if you take 120 steps you would be walking about 4 m.p.h.

Fight The Fat! Blend equal portions of nonfat yogurt with your favorite salsa for a fat-free, low-calorie dressing for salads, chicken and fish.

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way Your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes can be reduced just by taking the dog for a walk, climbing the stairs, or by sweeping the driveway.

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