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A Season to Let Go…with guest Tesha Buss

Being that our days in Arizona are still reaching well into the 90’s, I am just starting to think of fall. Some of you from other parts of the world probably have already moved on to thinking of brrrrrr…winter. My friend Tesha Buss, owner of Good Commons, a boutique retreat and vacation home in Vermont, definitely put me in the mood for fall with her beautiful analogy of falling leaves and letting go. I think you will enjoy her words:

“Fall is my favorite season in Vermont because of the colorful beauty of every gaze out the window, and every winding drive and refreshing hike to a stunning mountain vista. The leaves are dying which turns them into stunning color crisps that fall off the trees to become beds of reds, golds and burning oranges. Mother Nature is such an amazing lady. What a beautiful death she brings to us! And what a teacher!”

“In a society where we are consistently thinking about what we can obtain or maintain, Mama of the Earth gives us a gorgeous reminder to let go. Let the internal roadblocks you carry burn up and fall to the ground beneath your feet. Give the earth what you no longer need, for it is bigger than we are. It holds all of us tight to its spinning landscape and it can absorb our burdens too. Have a blessed season of color wherever you are. Of course, if you can share it from a vista with us here at Good Commons, we welcome you with a Tesha hug!”

Hugs back Tesha, I hope to Come Walk With You in Vermont sometime soon!

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