Journey 30

A Self-Paced

30-Day Walk Training Journey!

The path begins at your doorstep! 

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Journey 30 features...

...A Personalized Self-paced 30-Day Walk, Hike & Roll     Activity Schedule that fits on your phone.

...Two Newsletters!

-Going Places, for wandering walkers.

-WalkTalk, for those looking to get more from their walk.  Get your walking technique and form perfected with instructions and leadership from our team of walking and hiking pros!



...Motivation, inspiration, and stories by Jo Ann Taylor.

She is the founder of the Walking Connection and its driving force and guru for healthy living, fitness and active lifestyles. 

...Social Connections & Community!

Receive An Exclusive Invitation to Join I'mIn, A Private International Facebook Group Made Up Of People That Share Stories, Videos & Pictures From Where They Live in more than 20+ Countries.  

"I'mIn" Facebook Group.

...Great Walks Podcasts

Featuring YOU and other members from around the world. (Coming Soon).

There is no obligation of any kind, nothing to buy, and no one will call you.

Come Walk With Us TODAY!




Sometimes the best walks get overlooked because they are close to home.

Use this time to rediscover the hidden gems nearby. Vary your routes and paths, variety is the spice of life. 


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