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Treasure Hunt

On all Walking Connection trips we try to balance the amount of shopping time included in an itinerary. Some people like to shop…A LOT, and others not at all. We usually have our guides give us a taste of what treasures a location holds and free time is when you have the option to hunt for that perfect souvenir.

Gene and I are not big shoppers when we travel. I really try to limit the amount of “stuff” I acquire, (even though I really love nice “stuff”). I might buy something small to help conjure up a memory of a place I have been. I rather accumulate travel experiences than things. Over the years friends and even strangers have admired my small “stuff,” scarves, pottery, textiles, bracelets, belts, pillows and prints from far away places like India, China, Costa Rica, Africa, Peru…

Bali is truly a shopper’s paradise. Hundreds of boutiques and roadside stalls have been set up all over the island. Thousands of artisans, craftspeople, seamstresses, woodcarvers and painters create beautiful works of art in their village compounds. Bargaining in markets and art shops is a normal practice and getting a good price depends largely on one’s bargaining prowess.

We are going back to Bali next March. During a small portion of the free time I am going on a treasure hunt. Actually I won’t have to go very far. Just walking along the beach there is always something beautiful for sale to catch your eye. I am going to be looking for a few things for a future Global Connection enterprise we are working on. Anybody want to help me search? It will be very laid back and casual, a pick and choose what you want to do, go at your own pace kind of trip. You are invited…

Come Walk Bali With Me!

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