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Reap the Rewards

by Jo Ann Taylor, co-founder of Walking Connection and iConquer Adventures

Walking is often taken for granted. For something so simple there are so many benefits. Whether you casually stroll along or hike up to a mountain peak it lifts your spirits and lowers your weight. Some studies have even proven that for every hour you walk you can add at least an hour on to your life. But more important than the quantity of years is the quality of life. Each step you take is a step towards your personal wellness. Especially in times of crisis it is a form of self care that you can do every day.


Relieves anxiety

Reduces stress

Enhanced creativity.

Better sleep

Weight control

Improves posture

Builds stronger bones

Boosts energy

Low risk of injury

Body shaping

Increased productivity


Quality of life

It only takes 20 minutes of being outside

and going for a walk or hike

to reduce stress.

Make a commitment to yourself

and consider it your "nature pill!"

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