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Making Footprints

Here at the Walking Connection we have been making footprints for over 25 years…in the sand, dirt, mud and snow. On forest trails, secluded beaches, wind chiseled glaciers and big city sidewalks. We’ve even jumped in a few puddles along the way.

photo credit: Shell Sturgis

And we have never done it alone. Whether in spirit or actually walking by our side, it’s because of you that we continue to make the connection between people…between places.

Over the years we have received numerous comments on how we have made a positive impact. Some have turned the page to leading a healthier lifestyle. Many have formed lifelong friendships. Others have stepped out into a new world of travel with us.

Because of you and The Walking Connection my life has been so much fuller than I ever dreamed possible. You have brought me opportunities that I never dreamed possible. I never dreamed I would have such wonderful friends through travel, visit such exotic locations or stay in such breathtaking surroundings. You have a wonderful ability to combine awe-inspiring places, activities with awesome people.”

Here’s to many more years of walking together…

Come Walk With Us!

photo credit: Shell Sturgis