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Eleven Things I Bring In My Carry On To Survive A Long Haul Overnight Flight!

Do I like to fly? No. Do I like to travel? YES! Unfortunately the only way to explore the far reaches of the world is to fly and that probably means a very long overnight flight. I’m talking long, as in up to 17 hours long and that’s just for one flight!

My challenge is trying to get some sleep. Usually on arrival I have to be ready to go, bright eyed and bushy tailed, alert and able. I am either going into a tour details meeting where I need to be sharp or greeting guests with a welcoming smile. So what I bring in my carry on is essential.

My carry on is a backpack which I can also use when I am out on my day hikes wherever my destination may be.

This is how I fill it with my personal survival gear:
  • Reusable water bottle: When I first get on the plane I ask the flight attendant to fill it. That way I can keep hydrated throughout the trip without depending on the crew.

  • Healthy snacks: If it is a late night flight I try to eat a decent meal before getting on the plane. I ask the flight attendants not to wake me up if I am asleep when a meal is served. If I do miss a meal I have something available when I am hungry.

  • Large long sleeve COZY Walking Connection t-shirt: I put this on over whatever I am wearing. It makes me feel like I am putting on my “jammies.”

  • Oversized wrap/scarf: Even if they give you a blanket it never seems big enough.

  • Socks: No cold feet here

  • Inflatable neck pillow: Mine has a nice soft comfy removable cover that I can wash between trips.

  • Tablet: Fully charged and uploaded with music, videos and books.

  • Noise canceling headphones: Listening to music helps me forget how many more hours I have left to fly and lulls me to sleep.

  • Eye mask: Lights Out! Puts me in “the zone.”

  • Zip lock filled with the little things: eye drops, lip balm, tooth brush/paste, favorite moisturizer, anti-bacterial wipes.

  • Two Pens: One to fill out my custom form, the other to share. Seems like someone sitting next to me always needs one!

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