A Place Like No Place Else

This Is THE Place!

Luscious land meets laid-back luxury. Two inviting remote mountain lodges, made accessible by helicopter, each ready to surround you in everything from complete exhilaration to peaceful relaxation.

Heli-hiking in Canada is a magical exploration of transcending mountains, glorious glaciers & majestic evergreens, where refined lodges provide the ultimate beginnings and endings to each day.

Come explore a place where memories aren’t just made… they’re lived to the fullest.

There Is A Difference…by Jo Ann Taylor

Awhile back I was asked a great question that got me thinking….“What differentiates going Heli-hiking with you than booking directly?”

Hmmm…had to think for only a brief moment. My answer applies to more than just heli-hiking. And more than just price comparison. There is the value of your experience, wherever we are!

So consider this analogy: You are thinking about making reservations for dinner at an exclusive restaurant that you have heard great things about and have been wanting to try. You have a friend that you know has been dining there for years and has gotten to know the owner and management team well.

You call your friend and he says… more to the story >>

See For Yourself!

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We are a minority and woman owned and operated travel company, proudly established in the USA in1989.

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