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Uganda Gorilla, Chimp & Lion Treks

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda

Hosted By Gene & Jo Ann Taylor

Join Gene & Jo Ann Taylor on their Great Ape Adventure To Uganda!

Gorilla, Chimp & Lion Treks 



Gene & Jo Ann Taylor, co-founders of The Walking Connection are your hosts and walking companions for this small gathering, guided adventure. The hiking on the trip is rated as aggressive and difficult

October 26 - November 3, 2024

With optional three-night extension pre and Rwanda post extensions.

9-Days, 8-Nights

A unique adventure to the Impenitrible Forest and Uganda's Mountain Gorillas.

Priced from:

Call Us. +1 623.561.0846


per person, double occupancy

$1900 USD Due With Registration

Gorillas In Our Midst

We're Going Gorilla!


We all know that the phrase "A Once In A Lifetime Deal" is often used to describe something that occurs daily, like buying a car. That once in a lifetime deal is available every day. Over the years the Walking Connection has refrained from using phrases like this so you do not see "deals" anywhere in our trip descriptions or website. Until today. 


Today, we are announcing, and you are receiving a private invitation to join Gene and I on a special departure to Uganda on our Great Ape Adventure. We'll experience highly endangered Gorillas, spend time with a chimpanzee troop, and experience Uganda's rare tree climbing lions. Our itinerary is more than two years in the making and is curated by Jo Ann. 


As the pandemic lessens its grip, global travel is slowly coming back to life. With it, the demand to visit and experience these highly endangered species is already at record levels. In simple terms, there are very few gorillas in the wild and the land permits to visit them are very limited. Their habitat is under constant pressure, they are close to extinction, and they are in really remote places making lodge accommodations both rare and expensive. 


When Jo Ann decided that 2023 was the year we would travel to Uganda, she recognized that prices for accommodations and permits would be increasing and availability would soon evaporate. So she locked in 2022 pricing and secured permits for a small group or 12 guests to join us on this "Once In A Lifetime" adventure. This trip requires a high level of fitness and the hikes and treks are rated as aggressive. 


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Photo Credit: ColinRuggiero


We're at your service...

Call us at (623) 561-0846 to speak with a Walking Connection Team Member. 

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