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Serengeti, Tanzania


Spend 3 days of our 10-Day wildlife adventure where Mohamed Hassan will be our safari guide with emphasis on wildlife photography. He will join the Walking Connection's Gene Taylor as they share information about how they take images and turn them into beautiful pictures worthy of your walls at home, office, classroom or gallery.  This is a non-technical experience where we help you get the most out of whatever camera you bring with you on safari. 


In the course of my guiding, I have been fortunate enough to witness non-stop, mind-blowing, and heart-stopping wildlife action. This is what keeps me in love with my job. The thrill of a new experience and the interaction with the wild world is my dream, come true.


I am a keen wildlife photographer driven by passion, curiosity, and the desire to share my safari experiences with guests from around the world. To me, a safari is more that a noun, it really is a feeling and an emotion that must be personally experienced to be understood.


The Serengeti is a place where I can nurture my professional aspirations to become the best I can be. Here, I am home and I look forward to sharing it with Gene and the Walking Connection guests this October. Let's make some awesome images together!                        ~Moodie~ 


Gene's Journey

Since the mid 1990's I have made as many adventures to the African Savannah as time and circumstances would allow. Why?


“It's not just the sheer number or drama created by the wildlife in their natural habitat, the dramatic landscapes, or wonderful people I meet. And, its not just the amazing safari camps, topnotch service, or truly unforgettable game drives. As remarkable as all of them are individually, they are all the best of the best, it is their collective appeal that continues to draw me back, time-after-time.


As the orchestra of the savannah comes together, they form a symphony of color, light and motion under the vast Southern sky, brilliantly blue by day, sizzling with the electricity of a billion stars of the glowing Milky Way as it cuts through the deep black of the night sky. It’s a feeling, and when you there, it is palpable.  

Ever since sharing images from my first wildlife safari, they were on actual film, I've always wanted to share the experience with other amateur photography enthusiasts, to share, teach, and learn. 

So camera in hand, this October I am heading to back to the Serengeti for a unique and spectacular safari where we will, for the first time, spend a special three days shooting images with one of my favorite wildlife photographers and safari guides, Moodie Hassan of Arusha, Tanzania.                   


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This will be a fun experience that can help you to use your camera to collect the memories that will last you a lifetime! 


On safari, Africa's animal kingdom is on full display - real life in real time. Most of us want to document our experience through either pictures or video using everything from our iphone to zillion dollar cameras.

For a few days we will focus on helping interested guests on ways they can maximize their images to capture it in ways that bring back fond memories rather than missed shots! 

Trip Details

EXCLUSIVE! Gene & Jo Ann Taylor, co-founders of The Walking Connection are your hosts and walking companions for this small gathering adventure.

October 27 - November 5, 2021 

10-Days, 9 Nights

A unique adventure to the Eastern Serengeti is what cinematographers make movies about, but you can see it for yourself.

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per person, double occupancy

$500 USD Due With Registration


Tanzania's rich diversity will come to life on this intimate journey of a lifetime. From the magic of the vast plains of the Serengeti, to the mystical Ngorongoro Crater and highlands; to the remote Tarangire wilderness you will be in the heart of one of Africa's richest wildlife reserves. This is where the magic happens!

Tarangire National Park is known for its abundance of wildlife and the regularity of sightings. Last fall, we were overwhelmed by the number of elephants and big cats prowl: Lion, leopard and cheetah are on the hunt.

A unique adventure to the Eastern Serengeti will be new for all of us, even if you have traveled to Tanzania with Walking Connection before. This area is what cinematographers make movies about, but you can see it for yourself. With a cup of freshly ground coffee in hand, stretch up out of your vehicle to spot the wildlife as far as the eye can see…


This is a safari where high emotions and the excitement of seeing the teeming wildlife fills each new day. Evenings are set aside for magical sundowners as the sky turns golden orange. This is the place to truly unplug! Dinner is an elegant affair and followed by the warmth of the cozy fire where you can take comfort in just being. The sounds of the wild and the star light of the Southern sky will mesmerize you.

*Join Walking Connection co-founders, Gene and JoAnn Taylor on this small group tour  -- they will not only bring the keys to this natural world, but also a global perspective, interesting stories, laughter and shared friendship.

Safari Highlights


You, along with old and new-found friends will travel the northern section of the Serengeti Plains to view the wildlife, take in the the landscape and share an incredible experience with each other. Your guides are an intricate part of your experience as they share thier knowledge of the land, its human history and the culture of daily life in remote Africa. 


Big Five, Little Five, Ugly Five! 

Solitary Cats, Massive Herds, Silent Crocodiles.


A cultural visit at a Maasai Village to learn their way of life, shop for one-of-a-kind art or handicrafts as well as have an opportunity to walk with the Maasai. Other walks are scheduled as a way to learn and experience more in this fragile wildlife environment. Due to the presence of large carnivores, our walks are under the watchful eye of armed rangers.  

Your Experience


Level of Activity


Each day, we will evaluate the movement of the wildlife, observe the rules of the reserve, and where possible, arrange interesting walks and hikes to stay active. You should not expect long or challenging "walking workouts" while on Safari. 



Prints, Plants & Poop!  The nature of our guided-game walks are based upon the region we are passing through. The terrain is what you see throughout this site, but with emphasis on the hoof/paw prints for the animals, the plants on which both the wildlife and the local Masai use as food and medicine and the skat, left behind by recent wildlife visitors.  They are all available at your option. 


Some will want to take a casual approach to their holiday and taking images is a lower priority. Some will be gear-ready to take wildlife images suitable for national publication. Either way, your days are filled with the opportunity to both with other like-minded guests. 

Unless otherwise noted, the images on this site are originals by Gene Taylor.* He will be hosting several game drives dedicated to more serious (pro-amateur level photographers) during this adventure. He will be providing (and requesting) a gear list prior to the trip. These game drives are suited to avid learners from beginners to advanced non-professional photographers.

Level of Comfort



The sleeping accommodations on this journey are "Safari Luxury", always en suite, and always with lots of personality. Although star ratings are not particularly helpful when it comes to remote tented camps on the Serengeti, expect 4/5 star accommodations and services along the way.

Our multi-night stays in each camp afford a relaxed pace to your journey. No reason to hurry unless there is an unexpected wildlife siting. Your curiosity drives the day, your comfort is king during the evenings and nights.

Even though you are travelling through a variety of landscapes, the weather will be similar day-to-day. We expect it to be mostly dry and a bit cooler around the Ngorongoro Highlands because of the crater. Expect temperatures in the evening of 13°- 18°c (58°f) and warm daytime highs at 25°- 30°c (85°f).

Just a few words about safety. It's a shared responsibility, yours and ours. We take it very seriously. Your safe return home is our top priority. We love talking about it. It you have a question or concern, please ask or tell us anything.

Photo Credit: Maasai Wanderings

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Level of Culture

The Maasai Wandering Team is made up of resident guides, chef's, service staff and managers who all hail from this area. This is the land they call home. These are the people they call Brother and Sister. They are warm and hospitable and keen to share their lives with guests.  We will learn from them and as opportunity allows, we will visit small cultural centers like villages, schools and markets.

As with all Walking Connection adventures, we will seek opportunities for both cultural exchange as well as places and people where we can invest resources that may help them in their day-to-day lives.



Please note that the details of this itinerary are subject to change. Many of the planned activities are organized according to availability, events or seasonal dates, appropriate weather conditions or the discretion of our guides. We make every effort to provide the experience described in the itinerary with the understanding that some things may change.

Arrive Kilimanjaro Airport - Arusha

This is the perfect place after a long flight to relax and recharge. Arusha Coffee Lodge sits right at the foot of Mount Meru.  Amidst the lush greenery of the coffee farm, it is located in a safe and exclusive area on the outskirts of Arusha. The lodge will make you feel like you are right at home.

Accommodation: Arusha Coffee Lodge

Gene and Jo Ann Taylor, co-founders of the Walking Connection, first visited Arusha in the 90’s and have enjoyed their stays ever since. As a gateway to sub-Saharan Africa, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, it’s a great place to start your safari adventure.

DAYS 2, 3, & 4

Tarangire National Park


After a leisurely breakfast we head by safari vehicles to Tanzania's off the beaten track, Tarangire National Park. 


Welcome to the Great expanses of elephant country!