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Serengeti, Tanzania


Spend 3 days of our 10-Day wildlife adventure where Mohamed Hassan will be our safari guide with emphasis on wildlife photography. He will join the Walking Connection's Gene Taylor as they share information about how they take images and turn them into beautiful pictures worthy of your walls at home, office, classroom or gallery.  This is a non-technical experience where we help you get the most out of whatever camera you bring with you on safari. 


In the course of my guiding, I have been fortunate enough to witness non-stop, mind-blowing, and heart-stopping wildlife action. This is what keeps me in love with my job. The thrill of a new experience and the interaction with the wild world is my dream, come true.


I am a keen wildlife photographer driven by passion, curiosity, and the desire to share my safari experiences with guests from around the world. To me, a safari is more that a noun, it really is a feeling and an emotion that must be personally experienced to be understood.


The Serengeti is a place where I can nurture my professional aspirations to become the best I can be. Here, I am home and I look forward to sharing it with Gene and the Walking Connection guests this October. Let's make some awesome images together!                        ~Moodie~ 


Gene's Journey


Since the mid 1990's I have made as many adventures to the African Savannah as time and circumstances would allow. Why?


“It's not just the sheer number or drama created by the wildlife in their natural habitat, the dramatic landscapes, or wonderful people I meet. And, its not just the amazing safari camps, topnotch service, or truly unforgettable game drives. As remarkable as all of them are individually, they are all the best of the best, it is their collective appeal that continues to draw me back, time-after-time.


As the orchestra of the savannah comes together, they form a symphony of color, light and motion under the vast Southern sky, brilliantly blue by day, sizzling with the electricity of a billion stars of the glowing Milky Way as it cuts through the deep black of the night sky. It’s a feeling, and when you there, it is palpable.  

Ever since sharing images from my first wildlife safari, they were on actual film, I've always wanted to share the experience with other amateur photography enthusiasts, to share, teach, and learn. 

So camera in hand, this October I am heading to back to the Serengeti for a unique and spectacular safari where we will, for the first time, spend a special three days shooting images with one of my favorite wildlife photographers and safari guides, Moodie Hassan of Arusha, Tanzania.                   


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