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The position and rotation of any 2D object in a 3D drawing can be controlled. Using the 3D Transform icon in the status bar, objects can be rotated or moved in all three dimensions.Transformation tools help you create complex designs, such as an airplane that has multiple wings.Revise line widths and properties before drawing new lines to ensure consistency.Equivalent object search:Find and replace an object or pattern in multiple drawings in one pass. (video: 6:20 min.)Any 2D object in a 3D drawing can be tracked. It can be selected, updated, and dynamically linked with other drawings.You can freeze and unfreeze a drawing and always see your tracking information.Adding links between drawings is now faster.You can edit and replace an object in multiple drawings.Add-ons:Use a tablet to draw the more complicated drawings.Use a stylus and pen for freehand drawing.Improvements to picture, photo, and video editing tools.New functionalities:Add a new tab to the preferences dialog to add custom toolbars.Use Windows Subsystem for Linux to run Linux programs within AutoCAD. (video: 8:10 min.)Simplified glyph creation and editing tools in UCS.Simplified tools for graphics, such as video and page-layout options.Improved AutoCAD multipatch and static image handling.New topics:Hiding Custom Objects.Lasso tool.A new Model tab for Model Space and Content Space.Drafting tools in Architectural.Changes to the layer properties and stacking order.Dynamic pattern rendering in Patterns and Graphics.3D draft scaling.Refresh 3D Printing options.Important:Permanently delete symbols in UCS.Impossible to import raster images to UCS.IMPORTANT: Compatibility:The new Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) feature works on Windows only.Some new products are only available in English.Some features are only available in Model, Content, and Enterprise; others are available in Architectural.If you are using a browser other 2be273e24d