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Adventure Travel Photo Shop

Images From Gene's Journey - Around The World In 30 Years

Adventure Travel  |  Landscapes  | Culture  | Street  | Candid Life Portraits

Gene Taylor travels the world to meet people, see places, watch, listen & learn, write, take pictures & share.

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Thriving Despite The Pandemic!

In 1989, Gene and Jo Ann Taylor created and launched The Walking Connection, a luxury adventure travel and tour company. In the wake of 9/11 they added iConquer Adventures in 2001. Both The Walking Connection and iConquer are independent Glendale and Peoria, Arizona small businesses that offer walking and hiking adventure travel to the Grand Canyon and internationally to more than 30 countries across the globe. 


The pandemic has effectively closed all of Gene and Jo Ann’s traditional travel-related business since February. That will extend until the end of 2020. But the pandemic isn’t keeping them from learning and innovating their businesses with the continued goal of sharing the world with their guests and customers. With thousands of photos of spectacular sky’s, amazing landscapes and incredible wildlife to share, Gene and Jo Ann have created the Adventure Travel Photo Shop that features images they have made while traveling around the world. In the shop, “Gene’s Journey”, is a curated collection of fine art prints designed to bring a bit of the glorious world indoors to you at your home, your office/business, and to share with family and friends.


Click below to browse The Adventure Photo Shop. If you find something you love, use Coupon Code UBGAEE to receive a 20% Welcome Discount off the price of the artwork (excluding frames, mats and accessories or items such as tote bags, coffee mugs or T-shirts). The discount is good through December 31, 2020.


Thank you for visiting the galleries of Gene’s Journey. We appreciate your support!

Gene Taylor
Our original compositions are modestly edited for size, light, and color and most are available signed or unsigned. All were made by Gene or wife/partner, Jo Ann Taylor. EXIF information is available including GPS destination for most. Custom prints available. Questions or comment? SMS Text directly to Gene: 623.800.3649.
A  Few Minutes of Zen From Gene Taylor
Turn The Volume Up!

Sky Fire is a collection of photographs of the dramatic Arizona sunsets made by Gene Taylor from the Sonoran Desert nearby his home in Arizona. Many feature the Westwing Mountains and the world famous Saguaro Cactus.

Ray of Sunshine is a collection of desert wildflowers and cacti taken during the Spring Superblooms in the desert Southwest of the US in the Peoria Desert Preserve. 

Many images AND MORE are available in our Adventure Travel Photo Shop! Bring the desert sky or flowers into your home, or send a small piece of our desert to your friends and family!

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