Thank you for choosing to visit Arizona, the Sonoran Desert, and The Walking Connection.


We are proud to share our small corner of the world with you and we want you to have the best experience possible during your stay.


We have put together a brief registration form and survey so we can get a better idea of your abilities and interest prior to your arrival. Once you complete this form, you will be automatically redirected to more information and a suggested physical training schedule that we hope will help get you ready. 


As for your actual hike, once we receive the information back from the group we will tabulate the data and select a fantastic trail. Just a week or so prior to your arrival, we'll send out our "Know Before You Go" with the trail descriptions, weather, etc. Please plan to be on the trail for 4-6 hours, and though the trailhead is only a short distance away, plan for the adventure to take up most of your day. 


For the James Umlah Group, Gene Taylor will be your primary contact throughout your adventure. His mobile is good for voice, text, WhatsApp: +1 602.451.9086. His email is If you have any questions or concerns about gear, training or the actual hike, please contact him directly.


Please complete the Registration Form Below and Return it to us on or before Wednesday, December 27th, 2017 so we can make our final preparations.

Healthiest Regards,

Gene Taylor​​

Welcome To Arizona & The Sonoran Desert

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Thank You For Completing Our Registration Form.

When You Click Submit, You Should Be Auto Redirected to an Information pdf. If you weren't, please click the logo to the right.

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