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Spring, 2018

iHealth is about you doing something for YOU. You deserve it. You deserve to take a little bit of “you time” and do something good for yourself!

Diana Bowman from East Carolina University is here to help. She submitted these links to articles that can help you achieve the fitness level and good habits you can use to improve your health. 

By Diana:

I'm a student at East Carolina University and I volunteered with a group last semester that I think would be great to include on that page (http://www.conquerthevolcano.com/links_faq.htm) along with the great resources that you already listed there. Changed to [iConquerAdventures.com]


The organization I'm referring to is Addiction Resource, which raises awareness of the dangers of alcohol addiction and helps local communities stay sober (https://addictionresource.com/alcohol/resources/). 


I have also found a useful article about the impact of tobacco use on people’s sports performance (https://vapingdaily.com/support/smoking-and-sports-performance/).

Do you think it’d be possible for you to include those resources on your page?

Whoo Hoo! Our Walks Are About YOU Walking For YOU!

Jo Ann Taylor co-founded The Walking Connection in 1989. She started the World Wide Walk event as an extension of her own commitment to herself to walk every day for at least 10 minutes. November 1, 2017 she celebrated her 191st consecutive day of WALKING for her health and fitness! That’s 6 Years! Read more about Jo Ann here.


This is just the first "Guest Submission and Article "we have posted since consolidating all of our Conquer The Canyon/Mountain/Valley/Volcano.com series to iConquerAdventures.com and WalkingConnection.com. 

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