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iConquer was specifically designed as a fundraising campaign for non-profit organizations. In fact, it is ONLY available to people who actively participate in the fundraising program for a bona fide 501(c)(3) US or Canadian non-profit organization. It is NOT open to the general public.

It is a team and endurance fundraising adventure where participants agree to raise funds for your organization in exchange for a fabulous expense paid guided hiking adventure to some of the greatest “bucket list” destinations in the world.

Among the many benefits to participant hikers, the adventure also includes an 8 to 12 week virtual physical training program, informational online clinics on gear, hydration, nutrition and other aspects of hiking safely and successfully. This is the ultimate hike!

Since it’s beginning in 2003, thousands of people have participated from across North America and around the world. From large multi-million non-profit corporations conducting national campaigns, to regional and local chapter organizations, to smaller regional or local agencies, iConquer programming has helped raise more than $23,000,000 in donations in support of non-profit missions fighting everything from arthritis to cancer, diabetes to genetic disorders such as muscular dystrophy, Duchenne, Angelman’s Syndrome, Asperger’s and Autism, from homelessness to poverty and hunger. No mission is too large or too small, and none is more important than yours.

Can iConquer work for your .ORG?

Ask yourself just two questions. . .

. . .Do you know 6 people, possibly a small group of volunteers, board members or donors, or more likely, the people who live in your community who are up for a personal journey to hike the Grand Canyon or the Inca Trail? They can be people from all walks of life. Virtually people of all fitness levels, abilities and interests will be motivated and are able to do this.

. . .Would they be willing to raise money in support of your organization’s mission in exchange for the reward of participating in an unforgettable adventure? Challenges like hiking a live volcano, ascending a mountain in Iceland, trekking through the Grand Canyon or hiking the Inca Trail are a dream come true.

iConquer can work for you. In partnership with your organization, our company team will coordinate, train, teach and fully prepare each of your team members to succeed in our fundraising hiking adventure while they work as a team to raise money for your organization.

See lots more by visiting the iConquerAdventures website today!

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