Ready for Adventure

From Gene and Jo Ann Taylor,
Co-founders, Walking Connection, iConquer Adventures.

For over 30 years, The Walking Connection has provided thousands of guests with unique adventure travel experiences throughout the world. Professionalism and safety have always been at the core of our operations and still remain our focus as we navigate the evolving travel scenarios we face ahead.


Our expertise in adapting to changing situations makes us a leading resource for making your future travel both enjoyable and worry-free.

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We are beginning our 2021 adventure season with a trip back to the first international destination ever offered by The Walking Connection, the beaches of Mexico.


Come Walk With Us.

Be Diligent & Wear A Mask!

The sooner we do that, the sooner we can do this, AGAIN!

"Yet as the planet takes a deep breath,

we can still seek the healing power of nature."

Jo Ann Taylor

As we look ahead, we are amazed at the continued strength of our travel partners worldwide as they work with us to ensure an adventure unlike any other. You can see the world as a tourist, or you can let us help you see the world through the eyes of the everyday people who live in the places you want to experience.

We are optimistic and confident in the people of our world to recover from set-backs of all kinds. We have experienced many of them first hand.


By minimizing risk, pushing the boundaries and dreaming big, the travel professionals at The Walking Connection create one-of-a-kind connections between you and the people and places of the world.

Rest assured that we are healthy, stable and committed to making your future travel dreams a reality.

As soon as the world is ready to receive visitors, we will be ready to guide you.

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April 20 - 24, 2021

Destination Walks & Travel

Whether you visit our site to simply enjoy the images and learn what it is like to take an adventure travel vacation or to book an upcoming travel tour like an African Walking Safari with us, we are glad you are here.


Please take your time as you explore the world through our lens, and when it is right for you, come walk the world with Walking Connection. 

Journey 30

Journey 30 is a 30-day walking, hiking, and wheelchair roll program that can help get or keep you moving and to help beat the Conrona Confinement Blues. 


Your Personal 30-Day Printable Activity Schedule.
The path begins at your doorstep!


Start when you want.

Walk, Roll at you Hike Your Pace.


Receive An Exclusive Invitation to Join I'mIn, A Private International Facebook Group Who Share Stories, Videos, Pictures & More!

Members from 20+ Countries.  

 It's Free.


Rest assured that we are healthy, stable and committed to making your future travel dreams a reality.