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Images From Gene's Journey - Around The World In 30 Years

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Together, we have traveled the world to meet people, see places, watch, listen & learn, write, take pictures & share.

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As we dream of the places we have yet to go, many of our thoughts have drifted back to the special moments that built the Walking Connection.

Our reflections are of incredible adventures we have experienced together. From our inaugural ecology trip to Mexico back in 1991 to an exciting Tanzania wildlife safari last November -- so many people, places, and beautiful memories in between.

Though the travel industry has been devastated worldwide, we have sought new ways to help maintain and grow our business while continuing to bring the world to you.  


Welcome to our newest venture, the Walking Connection's 

Adventure Travel Photo Shop!


We invite you to "walk" through our gallery of images and take a reflective journey. Some will be reminiscent of us standing together side by side, taking the world in one step at a time. Others may refill your bucket list with a renewed vision of your future travels.


 Our hope is that in the Pop-Up Store (40% off for HMC with code VBUKDN)*, you will find a print to hang on your wall, adorn your coffee mug, or perhaps a greeting card for the upcoming holidays that will serve as a reminder of warm memories and the promise of good things to come.

Gene & Jo Ann

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Our original compositions are modestly edited for size, light, and color and most are available signed or unsigned. All were made by Gene or wife/partner, Jo Ann Taylor. EXIF information is available including GPS destination for most. Custom prints available. Questions or comment? SMS Text directly to Gene: 623.800.3649.
*Discount is applied at checkout and is calculated on the cost of the actual print. Customization costs such as frames, mats, stretched canvas, or store items such as mugs or t-shirts, etc. are not included in the discount.
A  Few Minutes of Zen

Sky Fire is a collection of photographs of the dramatic Arizona sunsets made by Gene Taylor from the Sonoran Desert nearby his home in Arizona. Many feature the Westwing Mountains and the world famous Saguaro Cactus.

Ray of Sunshine is a collection of desert wildflowers and cacti taken during the Spring Superblooms in the desert Southwest of the US in the Peoria Desert Preserve. 

Many images AND MORE are available in our Adventure Travel Photo Shop! Bring the desert sky or flowers into your home, or send a small piece of our desert to your friends and family!

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Gallery of Fine Art Canvas & Framed Prints by Gene Taylor
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